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Helpful Replygerman volume routine critique

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2014/12/23 23:22:16 (permalink)

german volume routine critique

never did GVT before and want to give it a go in the new year for 6-8 weeks, was thinking something like this
bench press 10 x 10
bent over barbell row 10 x 10
dumbbell butterflys 3 x 15
incline bench pull 3 x 12
squats 10 x 10
standing calf raises 3 x 15
seated calf raises 3 x 15
military press 10 x 10
ez bar curls 3 x 15
skullcrushers 3 x 15
took this routine from another site and adapted it slightly as i train at home and equipment is limited.
any changes or advice?
cheers in advance

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Re: german volume routine critique 2014/12/24 01:23:54 (permalink)☄ Helpfulby rufs 2014/12/24 20:09:00
It's bloody hard work. I did it for two months earlier this year and it nearly killed me. I found that the breathing was the most difficult thing to control. 90 seconds rest inbetween some of the heavier sets was giving me lightheadedness.
Because of certain exercises I cannot do due to injuries, I eventually started my own adaptation of GVT featuring some of my own exercises and it worked much better without losing many of the benefits.
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Re: german volume routine critique 2014/12/30 00:40:34 (permalink)
Ive done it in the past, it takes a bit of getting used to but worked well for me.
I used it mon/wed/fri using push/pull/legs.
Its hard if you choose the right weights but results are good.
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Re: german volume routine critique 2015/02/24 22:45:29 (permalink)
How long has anyone don't this and what kinds of physiques do you have? I ask as I tried years ago natty and got good endurance and strength. When I then went back to powerlifting and straight sets I was far stronger, fitter and recovered better.

Now a few years later I fancy giving it a go, after making decent gains and on aas so curious to hear the feedback


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Re: german volume routine critique 2015/02/24 22:56:09 (permalink)
My experience of GVT. Smaller muscles and less strength.
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Re: german volume routine critique 2015/02/25 18:58:33 (permalink)
Hi totally new to this forum and not sure how to set us new topics.But basically i wanted ask for some advice on building lean muscle as i am struggling due to having severe ibs and a hiatus hernia on my chest which stops me lifting heavy weight.So as anyone got any workouts,tips anything i can try as very stuck what to do.
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Re: german volume routine critique 2015/03/15 17:20:37 (permalink)
Welcome to MT - to post a new topic, simply click on the 'post new thread' button
Volume training may be a good idea for you if the hernia is limiting you.  Try this: 
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