How to Do Your 1st Glute Injection

by Biker_UK – MuscleTalk Pro-Member (Additional information by bbigman2000 – Muscle Talk moderator)

Glute injection quarters

When injecting into the gluteus muscles (glutes) of the behind, divide one of the glutes into four equal quarters, you are aiming at the top outer most quarter. This area has few nerves and blood vessels. To the right is a picture of how the glute can be divided into four areas. The white area is the area where you want to inject.

Before doing anything wash the area to be injected and your hands – personally I wash my hands again if I touch anything which may not be clean.

Everything needed can be seen in the photo to the below: 2.5ml syringe, green 21g x 1.5″ needle for drawing, blue 23g x 1.25″ for injecting, a few sterile swabs, an ampoule breaker (many people use the top of Biro pen to do this; if so most amps have a noticeable line on the neck of the amp, with a small file, file around the line put the end of a biro cap over the top of the amp then snap it off – but not me I’m too flash!), and for my particular cycle some IP Deca, Norma Deca and Organon Sustanon.

Steroid injections

Needle sizes 21gauge x 1.5″ – the higher the number in front, the thinner the needle is; the second number is how long the pin is. In the case of the glutes, a needle at least an inch long is required, so it goes deep enough inside the muscle when injecting. Do not use the same needle for both loading and shooting the loading pin will be dulled (blunt) from pushing through the rubber or scrapping the bottom of an amp. Dull = pain!


Glute injection 3

Push and twist the green pin onto the syringe body and use a swab to clean the rubber tops of any vials you are using. Many people heat their amps and or vials in hot water, prior to drawing up and injecting as this thins thick oils and makes them easier to draw up and makes it easier and less painful to inject.

This is easiest to do by putting about 2 – 3 cm of warm water in the bottom of a cup or bowl and setting the amps/vials into it for a few minutes. Not boiling water just slightly hot, so you can just put your fingers in it.

2. Fill the syringe

Fill the syringe

Which for me is 0.5ml of IP Deca (150mg), 1ml of Sustanon (250mg) and 1ml of Norma Deca (100mg) see photo below. First I’ll put 0.5ml of IP deca in, I pull the plunger of the syringe back about 1ml and draw 1ml of air into the syringe, I then push the pin through the rubber stopper and into the oil, squeeze the 1ml of air in and draw the plunger back to the 0.5ml mark the oil will now slowly fill the vacuum within the syringe. The sustanon is simply a case of sucking the oil up out of the amp into the syringe. When I reach the Norma Deca, I do the same as for the IP Deca only this time I don’t push air into the bottle (I don’t believe this is a good idea once I have oil in the syringe).

3. Swab the injection site with a medi swab (sorry no photo)

4. Pull and twist the green pin off and push the blue pin on.

Change needle

Tap the side of the syringe body so all the air bubble go to the top, then slowly squeeze the plunger in until all the air is expelled from the syringe and a small amount of oil runs down the pin, this gives some lubrication when you insert the pin into you!

5. Hold the syringe between fore finger and thumb

line it up with the desired injection spot and push it in firmly

Line it up with the desired injection spot and push it in firmly; don’t be too light handed as it hurts more if you push too gently. I prefer to leave a couple of mls of the pin visible when injecting so that if it does break loose I have something to catch the hold of – as you can see from some of the following photos I don’t do a great job of this when holding a camera in my other hand :o)

6. Aspiration

The photo demonstrates the following: Aspirating – Pull back on the plunger (the best way, in my opinion, to do this is to hold the lugs of the syringe with the fore finger and thumb and push the plunger out with any remaining fingers which can reach) – this can be quite tricky the first time hold for a few seconds to make sure it does not fill up with blood if it does take it out fit another new blue pin and inject again. If there is no blood present in the syringe, start slowly pressing the plunger in until all the oil is injected. If injected too quickly I believe the site will be more painful.

7. Pull out the Syringe

The photo shows me pulling the syringe out while holding a medi wipe between forefinger and thumb – as soon as the pin is pulled out press and hold the medi swab against the injection site for about 1 minute this will minimize bleeding. Again if you stretch the skin with finger and thumb from your other hand the pin will not drag as much when travelling through the skin.

8. Completion

After all is complete I massage the site for a couple of minutes and I then normally go for a walk to get the oil moving and then have a nice warm bath or shower on my return to the house.

Now you may experience some pain for a couple of day after injecting especially the first few times you inject – do not panic unless the pain is severe

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