going all carbs

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2014/11/26 22:09:29 (permalink)

going all carbs

Hey guys,
this might be too technical stuff, but I was just curious, what happens to the carbs consumed in the following situation:
Let's say I eat a 10/10/80 split of carbs long term - so my glycogen is completely full. I ingest carbs before bed, so there's not a big chance that they will get burned for energy. I am still in a caloric deficit. 
What happens to the glucose in my body? Unlike fats, glucose can't freely 'float' around the bloodstream, because it's quite toxic for the body. So insulin kicks in, ready to store it - but my liver and muscles are full already, and it can't store as fat either, as I am maintaining a negative energy balance.
I was looking through some studies, but they all discussed the excessive intake of one particular macronutrient only in a caloric surplus. 
And I was wondering, what would happen if I eat chocolate muffins all day long (not that I would ever do it ) but within a reasonable deficit.

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    Re: going all carbs 2014/11/26 22:34:12 (permalink)
    I have been doing low protein high carb diet for a while now. Seems fine to me. I have a lot more energy, less brain fog during work and training is much more intense. Not putting on fat, losing weight slowly and to be honest I'm not counting cals or restricting.

    This is my vegetarian ish hippie diet stage in life ha

    I eat meat once per day max, very small amount, and just lash the carbs out of it. I might add some sun warrior protein on heavy days like deadlifts but other than that it's just plant source type foods.

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    Re: going all carbs 2014/11/27 08:07:22 (permalink)
    You mean no protein and no fats only carbs? Lol.
    If you're in a deficit you're muscles and liver wouldn't be full.
    Your muscles would be shrinking from zero protein.
    Soft and weak spring to mind.
    Your general health would be horrible. Hormones, immune system etc...
    And your skin, living solely on chocolate muffins (which has fat btw) would be appalling.
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    Re: going all carbs 2014/11/27 13:24:35 (permalink)
    Come on man is money that much of an issue? Ha.
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    Re: going all carbs 2014/11/27 14:05:21 (permalink)
    this question has no practical application whatsoever. I was interested in this purely from the scientific standpoint :)
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    Re: going all carbs 2014/12/02 21:25:18 (permalink)
    You can look at this from several angles, physiologically speaking:
    - low protein + calorie deficit = recipe for muscle loss (neg Nitrogen balance)...= reduced BMR etc
    This would be exacerbated by high volume training particularly. 
    But I agree with Bicep Bill - I've also reduced my animal protein to once daily without any detrimental consequences. 
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