MuscleTalk Guidelines

Guidelines for Posting of Topics and Replies
MuscleTalk (MT) has established itself as a discussion forum where quality of service, content and support is intended to be superior making the atmosphere here more enjoyable.
The membership base is international and participants come from all walks of life. The members' common interest is in bodybuilding, strength and fitness and allied interests, whether it is for the sake of health and fitness or as a serious sport.
We communicate across continents, cultures and reference bases and this calls for some degree of discretion as to how and what we post. Because of their very nature, some forums will attract devoted interest and this allows for a greater freedom of content and manner of speech. Other forums attract far more general interest and hence the topics and the manner of participation ought to be considerate of the broader membership.
MT endorses free speech but will not tolerate comments that are intended to criticise or condemn any person or party on the grounds of gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and political beliefs or that which discriminate in any way. Therefore any topics or posts relating to religion or politics will be removed at the discretion of the moderators. On all other topics members must communicate in a polite and respectful manner. Differences of opinions are of course tolerated but even then there is no need to be abusive, to condemn or to flame.
Crudity, vulgarity, blasphemy, bias and any other form of expression that could give offence to the general membership will be dealt with appropriately by the board owners and moderators.
MT reserves the right to lock, delete, move or edit posts that will, at the discretion of the board owners and moderators, bring its own name in disrepute.
MT will maintain the high quality of posting. Members are requested to refrain from posting an undue amount of banter in order to respect the high quality of atmosphere on the board. Whilst it is necessary as part of discussions to disagree, argue and debate with other members, flaming, rude and impolite replies will not be tolerated. If a member continues to post in such negative way, there membership will be terminated.
MT operates a three warning policy with regards to members' general behaviour. If a member is warned twice, on the third occasion their membership will be terminated. More serious issues may warrant immediate or temporary cessation of membership, at the discretion of the board owners, regardless of past history.
We hope all members will respect these rules/guidelines and realise that these are in place to ensure everyone enjoys the pleasant atmosphere of the MT forums.
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