gurrys journal on the hunt for some muscle!

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2003/11/12 10:01:25 (permalink)

gurrys journal on the hunt for some muscle!

Hey there everyone

For those who now me (chiefly through this forum) Ive been banging on about doing another cycle for ages and now the time is here to do it. Been delaying due to hormone tests and the like but as everything is back on track time to get some meat on me bones.

Been training ‘free’ since march this year, went through HCG and clomid therapy and although strength has dropped (as you would expect) My bench is still ok, as is my squatting. Hopefully back and deads will catch up.

Stats are:

Height 5’9
Weight 13st 6 (188lbs)
Bench Max 120kgs
Squat max 140kgs
Deadlift 140kgs

My cycle looks like this

Wks 1-8 400mg deca split Mon and thurs
Wk1-10 750 mg sus splt mon wed fri
Wk 1-6 80mg anabol ed
Wk 11-13 50mg winstrol ed
20mg nolva ed
wk 14 nolva PCT of 100mg (day 1) 60mg day 2-11 40mg day 12-21

Gonna get some more photos of me pre course done and posted for comparison.

Ive got about 4 years good training plus about 7 years overall of training behind me.

Been on mostly the ‘bread and butter’ courses of deca sus/testoviron dbol (as I am now) but Im adding in Winnie at the end see what happens.

My aims are as much muscle as possible with minimal amounts of fat/water.

Totally revamped my diet. Going for around 5000cals ed with a split of 30% protein 30% carbs 40% fat.

Yesterday (11th) was first day back on. Was a frontload day of 2ml of sus and 4 ml of deca (ended up in 3 shots! No bother with the jabs (used to that from KYNO) took ana over 4 intervals of 2 tabs and training was good.

Did legs – squats 3 plates aside for 10 easy (ish) reps gonna up my final wieght by 10kgs next week

Leg press finished on 6 plates aside usually only 5 aside so very happy with that.

Leg extensions managed 9 reps on the full stack of the machine (not sure of the wieght) usually only get out 8 on two off the full stack.

Over all very good training. Very pleased

Today legs are trained sore but can cope with it. (definitly gonna put some more wieght on the bar next week.)

Appetite has gone through the roof – constantly hungry (though that could be due to the new george forman grill I got for my birthday – I cook everything on it now!)

Protein shake at 6:30
Chicken sandwich (massive on from the staff canteen) at 9.
Planned for the rest of the day
Another shake at around 11
Dinner at 12:30
Afternoon snacks around 2:30 (chicken breast with mashed spuds)
Big tea when I get home (around 5 ish)
Evening snack (chicken/turkey with coleslaw and toast plus a yoghurt)
Pre bed protein shake of ½ pint of milk and 60g casein

Rest day today

Tomorrow is back day – gonna try for three plates on deads for 6!
Also having my sus tomorrow (only 1ml though!)

Let you know how that goes!

Cheers for reading


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