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help me get massive..... ive not got a clue

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2009/07/14 23:23:39 (permalink)

help me get massive..... ive not got a clue

before i start moaning i just want to thank you for reading this S**t im about to write,
I need some help in getting started in the bodybuilding life that you all seem to be doing so well in by the look of your pictures.
ive done weights before but never got anywhere.... but due to this great site ive found out you need to be 100% dedicated, have a good training plan, and a good diet... (i have none of them). ive been reading the threads and im getting more confused.. i have a couple of question they may make me sound a bit think...
1, im 6 foot and weigh 16 stone ( most which is fat ) when reading the diet threads i come across the words  "bulking up" alot.
should i stick to diets which use a lot a calories when i have fat to lose or should i keep the fat to feed the muscle ..does this make sense? what would be the best diet for me to do? remembering i am a bit of a fat twat who is turning his life around.. any daily menus would be greatfully welcomed
2, im looking for a hard 10 week workout program ...any advice..
also do i work a muscle group (lets say biceps) once a week or twice a week?
in the end im looking for what everyones looking for... the perfect diet and workout progam. which will make me massive.
if you have it send it over lol
once again thank you for your time and advice
... i will let you know how im getting on.

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    Re:help me get massive..... ive not got a clue 2009/07/15 06:39:46 (permalink)
    Hi there,

    You have come to the right place. I am sure there are more expereinced people who can give better advice but here is what I have to offer in the meantime.

    I have came from the same situation as you and somewhat is still not yet there. However, I have definitely improved since I started. In a nutshell, here is what you should do.

    1. Understand yourself. Find out your BMI, your body fat %.

    What you want to do is get to your desired weight for your height and have as much of that in Fat-Free Mass. Therefore, you want to lose fat weight and not muscle weight.

    2. Find out what your BMR is. This will tell you how much calories you need to eat per day to maintain your weight. Eat 500 calories less if you want to cut. Eat 500 more if you want to gain. Count your calories and if nothing, you will become more aware of what you eat.

    3. Take Basic Supplements. Multivitamins, Whey Protein, and Omega-3 Fish Oil. Take creatine too if you need to bulk but the other 3 are more priority in my opinion.

    4. Key to success is really watch what you eat and work out. I suggest working out your core first and not on any specific part unless you get more advanced already.

    Hope that helps as a first response advice.

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    Re:help me get massive..... ive not got a clue 2009/07/15 11:16:29 (permalink)
    I wouldnt worry to much about "bulking" or cutting at the moment mate. Get a clean diet, with plenty of protein (about 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight). If you want to lose your fat you want to be a calorie deficit. This means less calories than you eat at the moment via diet, and more calories burnt via exercise - weights and cardio. The fat doesnt feed the muscle, they're 2 different things.

    If you're a beginner a 3 day a week split would be great. With some cardio on the off days if possible. Something like  PUSH, PULL, LEGS. Push exercises one day, pull the other, and legs the other. Usually done on monday/wednesday/friday.

    I dont know much about cardio, but early morninng unfuelled cardio worked for me before, about 30/40 mins if possible.

    As for supplements, you dont need them at first, but they can be useful, its up to you.
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    Re:help me get massive..... ive not got a clue 2009/07/16 10:49:46 (permalink)
    caveman2im looking for a hard 10 week workout program ...any advice.

    I don't now enough to start giving out loads of advice, but why the 10 week program?
    Some of the pics you've seen of guys here are down to years of commitment and training. 10 weeks, in the grand scheme of things will get you nowhere. Yes, you'll see some changes and improvements, but if you want to get big, you'll need to commit years
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    Re:help me get massive..... ive not got a clue 2009/07/16 13:07:28 (permalink)
    Above all consistency is the key!!

    Try the following

    Monday - Squat, Bench, Row
    Wednesday - Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Chins
    Friday - Repeat Monday
    Following Week - rotate Monday and Wednesday workout.
    5 sets of 5 reps on all with the exception of chins - 5 x max reps.
    Increase weight used each workout.

    If fat is a concern do some cardio on your days off but as a new trainer the stimulus of exercise and a clean-up diet will start off the fat loss.
    Diet wise, protein, carbs and healthy fats at each meal, cut out junk, 6 meals a day, drink plenty of water, whey protein after weights workout.
    Try the www. for daily menus.
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    Re:help me get massive..... ive not got a clue 2009/07/16 20:49:25 (permalink)
    Thank you for all your help guys...this is much appreciated,
    this will get me off to a good start.
    what do you think about this diet?
    meal 1.
    6 egg whites, 1 yoke, 1 slice of low fat cheeze, 3oz oats, 1 banana, 1 cup of low fat milk, 1 scoop of protein,
    meal 2.
    5oz tuna or salmon, 1 whole meal bagle, lettuce tomato
    meal 3.
    8oz grilled chicken, 1 baked potato, 2 cups of salad, olive oil dressing
    meal 4.
    4oz turkey breast, 1 whole meal bagle, low fat cheeze, 1 yogurt
    meal 5.
    6oz grilled steak, 1.5 cup of brown rice, 2 cups of veg.
    meal 6.
    6oz cottage cheeze half a cup of almonds and 1 scoop of protein
    how does this sound as a diet?  ( is this possible to eat in one day :) ... not forgetting i need to lose some fat ( im 6 foot and weight 225 pounds but ive got a big frame it dont look bad on me per say )

    Thanks again

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