help with my workout

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2007/06/17 16:01:57 (permalink)

help with my workout

hi im new to the site and was wondering if anyone can help me with my training.been training for about a year and a half 4 days a week but havent really had many gains below is my workout and my diet any comments of where im going wrong would help.

day 1

back and legs in the order i do them:

each exercise 4 sets of 6 6 6 4 reps

single arm db row
seated row
good mornings
bent bb row
lat pulldown
leg curl
leg extension

day 2 sholders and traps
arnold press
bentover raises
military press
front raises
cable pull
db shrugs
bb shrugs

day 3 chest :

flat bb bench press
incline bb bench
dec bb bench
incline db press
flat bench flys
cable crossover
sitting chest press

4 bicep and tricep

close grip bb curl
wide grip bb curl
sitting db curl
db preacher curl
hammer curls
tricep pulldown
single arm pulldown
french press

i try to do 30 mins cardio on the four days after training but sometimes miss it. and will usuall try to change some exercises and rep and set range every 9 weeks.

have only been doing diet for about 2 months, but have always taken protein supplements.

working on 1900 cals a day at mo trying to loose fat but aint really working. still got a belly, and not much muscle.

shredies 60g
skimed milk 150g
50g whey

mid morn
200g low fat cot cheese or from frais


2 slices of whole meal bread 200g tuna 20g extra light mayo

pre train

1 apple 25g whey


50g whey


chicken breast 150g jacket potato 350g veg and ketchup.

alot of the time my dinna wavers but try to be as healthy as poss.

and dont really follow diet at weekends.

can anyone help as im loosing motovation, as like i said ive been gymin it for about 1 and a half years and still dont really look any different (bigger with more deffiniton). i know it takes years but would have thought i would have been more muscular by now??


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    RE: help with my workout 2007/06/22 12:35:10 (permalink)
    IMO that's way too many exericses - there's no way you can be training hard if you're doing that much

    your diet is not too good too - needs more variety, more fruit and veg.

    You're losing motivation? Sounds like you've needed more all along. Click the articles link at the top and have some weekend reading - you've alot to learn, but if you adopt some pbasdic principles for sure gains will come
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