im on the road

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2006/07/11 15:20:53 (permalink)

im on the road

Well ive read a lot of the great stuff on this wicked site and think im sorta on the way.. i guess a routine is in the making but where do i start?
Ive put on over 100lbs (fat) over the past 18months due to illness and have been aching to get started.
Now ive got the green light an its all systems go.
I guess you could call it an epiphaney i was sick of seeing me going to waste and decided to do something about it
I did a bit when i was younger and the results were impressive. and life sorta kicked in with all the usual things that go with it.
Now.., what would you say would be the bset start ?
do i hit the gym straight away or lose weight first?
im eating good natural wholesome food low fat , sugar, and dairy
i got it down , i think.
when do i eat with respect of training?
Im in this for the longterm i don,t expect success overnight after all its a marathon not a sprint.
so there you go i no im not alone on this with the response i got from my first post

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    RE: im on the road 2006/07/11 15:53:45 (permalink)
    I think, if it is your main concern, focus on fat loss first. This doesn't mean you can't lift weights.

    If you are coming back from illness, take things slowly at first. Look to be doing a level of CV exercise for 40 mins 4 times a week that leaves you feeling breathless with your pulse raised to about 80% of max. What exercise you choose will depend on your current fitness level.

    In terms of weights, maybe do two/three days of medium weights and focus on big compound exercises. No point in doing concentration curls if you are wanting to lose 2 stone of fat! If you wanted to do two days, you could do one day of squat and military press and another day of bench, pull up and lat pull down. This is a good starting point for weights training as it keeps things simple and works the major muscle groups.

    Make a sensible diet plan, high in protein, low in sat. fats and moderate/low in carbs. If you are trying to lose weight, there has to be a calorie deficit. This will come both from your diet and increased activity level. Plenty of water is essential (3l+ per day). Also, make sure you are eating 5-7 small meals per day at regular intervals. This means your body is constantly being fed, so it won't think that it is being starved.

    If you feel it would help, finding someone (a friend, family member etc) who also wants to improve their fitness & physique can keep you both focussed and motivated - less chance of cheating if you've got someone else telling you off!

    Like you said, you didn't put that weight on overnight and it won't come off overnight. Give yourself short, medium and long term targets; keep your focus on the short term ones and they will add up to your long term ones. Make sure each target is challenging, but achieveable. Get each day right and you will look back in two years and see that you've made huge progress. Keep a progress journal with your measurements, photos, weights your lifting and some measure of your cardio (e.g. how many km you walked in 40mins, how many lengths you swam, etc etc). This gives you a quantitative review of your progress.

    There's plenty more that could be said, but I hope this helps. The main thing I would say though is get each day right and it will add up to huge achievements in the long term. All the best and keep us updated.
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    RE: im on the road 2006/07/11 16:21:23 (permalink)
    thanx mate .. i will be on here looking at the posts and keeping up my regime. In thee light of things my fitness levels will return quite quickly i tend to be well motivated.
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