Intense Quad Training for Building Massive Quads

By Aaron Hallett

Leg training has always been acknowledged as a necessity to create a balanced, proportioned physique; a necessary evil almost.

Bodybuilder with huge quads

Leg training involves the largest muscle groups of the human body, the glutes, quads and hamstrings and when they are hit hard they will induce such a level of lactic acid build up most are seen tumbling like a weeble towards the toilet (because the brain says ‘run!’ but the body declines such a request).

Intense quad training requires a strong stomach or, at least, a basic level of foresight to ensure you haven’t just consumed a buffet lunch before entering the gym. If you’re interested this exercise will push you to the physical limit as well as test your mental resolve.


Ok, by now you are rolling the eyes and saying that it’s a no brainer right? Ahh, but this is no ordinary squat set. You’ll require two to three spotters; have one guy either side of the barbell and an optional one stood behind you.

WARNING: You’ll need a strong stomach

If you have ever braved a 15 or 20 rep set before you’ll have an idea what weight to start with but if not give a basic 15 rep set a try first and then attempt this routine the next week.

Set the barbell up so weight can be removed quickly. For example if you’re using:

  • 180kg use 4x 20kg plates either side;
  • 140kg use 4x 15kg plates either side;
  • 120kg use 2x 15kg plates, 1x 20kg plate either side (20kg plate goes on first).

Here we go! Complete 15 reps and after the 15th rep stay planted where you are (no re-racking), call out to the side spotters and have them remove one plate either side in quick fashion; complete as many reps as possible and again, call out for another plate strip.

After at least two drop sets and you are left with 60kg on the bar, continue drive out as many as you can and have the spotter behind you get you to the point where you need all the assistance you can get.

This will require a lot of mental strength as well as physical as all you will want to do is bail, ditch the weight and collapse making sweat angels on the gym floor! It’s often quite humorous for other gym members to walk into the gym not knowing about the previous drop sets and wonder why it requires three grown men to spot a guy struggling so badly with 60kg!

I wish you luck!

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