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is this statement correct?

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2009/07/18 01:43:41 (permalink)

is this statement correct?

I got this from another messageboard-
"Theres been studies done on this.
The amount of meals you have per day has no effect on the speed of your metabolism.
Its how much you eat per day that determines the speed of your metabolism, not how often.

Digesting the food is what raises your metabolism, less food to digest a smaller boost for the metabolism...more food a larger boost. It takes the same amount of energy to digest it in the end regardless of how you break it up.

The main benefit some ppl get from eating more frequently is that it keeps them fuller, beyond that theres nothing. All about the amount of cals in the end. If you're good eating 3x per day on a diet it has the same outcome."

Excuse me for my bad English

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    Re:is this statement correct? 2009/07/18 07:49:56 (permalink)
    It's purely theory and speculation on my part but.....

     Whilst it may well be true that eating a large quantity would boost your metabolism more than eating a smaller quantity,i would've thought that keeping the metabolism constant is more important...

     For example,someone eating 6 or 7 smaller meals may not get as much of an initial boost,but the metabolism is kept in the same state from morning til night...

     A person eating the same amount of calories but spread over 3 larger meals-Say eaten at 7am,12 noon,and 5pm would find their metabolism slowing towards the end of the night wouldn't they?.....

     I could be completely wrong though...
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    Re:is this statement correct? 2009/07/22 20:27:07 (permalink)
    The reason for frequent means ISNOT to boost metabolism but you do have to have frequend meals to get big and ripped
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    Re:is this statement correct? 2009/07/22 20:51:57 (permalink)
    The difference in your metabolism between a few or a lot of meals is not worth worrying about, that's not why you eat lots of meals.

    The reason you eat lots of meals is to spread your carbs out so you don't gte peaks and troughs and to be able to absorb more of your protein. Also you aren't as hungry.
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