joints and general health

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2015/02/24 12:34:55 (permalink)

joints and general health

Hi Guys

I'm now 26 lifting since I was about 18 and one thing iv noticed alot this past year is my joints have started getting very sore. My knees click when squating intact iv more or less stopped squating as I just don't feel ccomfortable, elbows get sore benching.. Stuff like that, use recommend anything for the joints? Is glucosamine any good?

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    Re: joints and general health 2015/02/24 12:53:57 (permalink)
    I feel your pain dude.  I've only used glucosamine which I found effective.
    Squats don't bother me, but bench does.  Since switching to DB with a slight incline I've had no problems with the shoulders and elbows (not that it helps if you need to do bench for competing though).

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    Re: joints and general health 2015/02/24 13:11:03 (permalink)
    Cannot help much. Dont take anything for joint help. Apart from a disk injury that is,easily managed dont have any joint problems.

    Tech and managing volume and intensity goes a long way to maintaining joint health over,the years. However your never gona completely avoid niggles.
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    Re: joints and general health 2015/02/24 13:40:24 (permalink)
    I wouldn't waste money on glucosamine. It hasn't been shown to be effective. Even if it was shown to be effective, it is for people with degenerative joints (osteoartritis). Any joint pain in young healthy adults is likely to orginate from another source than the joint cartilage.

    Soft tissue work, good technique (most people lift with poor technique despite thinking it's good), correcting imbalances, managing work load. These will all help.

    If you can you want to discover the cause and location of the pain otherwise you're going in blind. Generic soft tissue work (foam rolling/massage) will often help but isn't ideal.

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    Re: joints and general health 2015/02/24 13:53:38 (permalink)
    I was told by a physiotherapist that excessive clicking joints is a sign of lack of control, would could point to improper form....
    this was proved to me as I used to get huge clicking in my shoulders... this was ultimately caused by my rear shoulder blades not firing and supporting my overhead movement, excerbated by the fact that my horiztonal pulling strength was out of balance with my horizontal pushing strength (my back muscles were so tight it was holding my shoulder blades back)... - she gave me exercises to do to not only address the balance, but to get my shoulder blades firing and moving properly... - few months later, my shoulders hardly click at all now.

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    Re: joints and general health 2015/02/24 14:05:45 (permalink)
    I get it in the elbow joints at times. I find not locking out on movements helps as well as consuming good fats especially oily fish helps.
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    Re: joints and general health 2015/02/24 14:18:13 (permalink)
    It could be anything.. slipped disc, minor joint fatigue, minor joint injury, neurological problems, spinal cord problems or even some kind of organ dysfunction or imbalance.
    I will advise you to stop over training, stop lifting heavy weights and stop relying on supplements to aid your training. Also lift weights with proper form.
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    Re: joints and general health 2015/02/24 20:10:58 (permalink)
    I have accumulated pain over the years largely because of natural ageing and wear and tear. I began taking cod liver oil tablets a couple of years ago and these inexpensive vitamins suppress joint pain so much more than glucosamine and even the prescription Diclofenac and Naproxen.
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    Re: joints and general health 2015/02/24 20:46:21 (permalink)
    Fish oils and tech

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    Re: joints and general health 2015/02/24 20:46:48 (permalink)
    Best thing to do if you value your joints is to use heavy lifting sparsely IMHO. Yes the temptation to load up a lot of weight and set a PR is high, especially when you're training with someone else, but doing it all the time is gonna take its toll on the long run.
    Training with good form is obviously very important as well, as is accepting when your body is just not made to do a certain movement under load and finding an alternative to it (ie don't stubbornly do a certain lift because it's cool, if it hurts you there will always be other lifts to train the same muscles).
    Of course that last part isn't very good advise for, say, a powerlifter getting joint pain from bench, squats or deads. But I wouldn't be competing in the 100m dash if I didn't have the knees to run, if you know what I mean.
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