just a question

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2006/07/16 14:30:45 (permalink)

just a question

everyone on here knows that there are 3 main things that go into training (training, eating, and rest)
my question is say you went all week getting about 3 hours sleep (like someone who used to train at my work does) but you train like fcuk and eat like a horse will he not get bigger?
is it more important to eat or sleep cos obviously if you sleep all day at the weekends you're not eating

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    Jax Demon
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    RE: just a question 2006/07/16 14:40:13 (permalink)
    would depend on genetics i think
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    RE: just a question 2006/07/16 14:56:35 (permalink)
    Doesnt your body release very anobolic hormones during sleep? So I would guess that sleep is very important, but so is eating. So therefore getting a balance is the key. I would imagine you would still grow to a certain degree without much sleep
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    RE: just a question 2006/07/16 15:11:06 (permalink)
    IIRC a greater amount of HGH is released during sleep, for those who take growth hormone, as part of an existing condition, it is taken just before they go to bed.
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    RE: just a question 2006/07/16 15:41:34 (permalink)
    so the order of importance would be
    1 training
    2 sleep
    3 food?
    4 supps
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    RE: just a question 2006/07/16 16:51:23 (permalink)
    Not a good situation.

    Spiegal K, Leproult R, Van Cauter E.
    Impact of sleep debt on metabolic and endocrine fuinction.
    Lancet, 1999 Oct 23;354/(9188):1435-9

    Healthy mean received only 4 hrs per night for 6 nights. Results showed carb metabolism and endocrine function was impaired together with increases in insulin resistance and thyroid level reductions. There were also increases in cortisol and sympathetic nervous system activity.

    Irwin M, Thompson J, Miller C, Gillin JC, Zieglar M.
    Effects of sleep deprivation on atecholamine and interleukin-2 levels in humans: clinical implications
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 1999 Jun;84(6):1979-85

    Lack of sleep results in elevated adrenaline levels. Subjects allowed only 3.3hrs sleep showed a significant elevation of norepinephrine and epinephrine.

    Rose RM, Kreuz LE, Holaday JW, Sulak KJ, Johnson CE.
    Diurnal variation of plasma testosterone and cortisol.
    J Endocrinol, 1972 Jul;54(1):177-8

    Study showing that ciracadian rhythms or total sleep resulted in a linear increase in testosterone across the sleep cycle. It showed irrelevance of when the sleep was taken (i.e. night workers).

    Other relevant studies:

    Schiavi et al
    Pituitary gonadal function during sleep in healthy aging men
    Phychoneuroendocrinology, 1992 Nov;17(6):599-609

    Lubo****zky et al
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    J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2001 Mar;86(3):1134-9
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