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looking to cut to < 10% bf!

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2011/03/13 15:44:17 (permalink)

looking to cut to < 10% bf!

hey guys, approaching summer but im going to do a cut a bit early. im really enjoying cardio currently and thought id exploit that, plus im happy enough with my overall size so want to leave myself lots of time to get properly shredded for summer as ive never been under 15% bf or so since putting on some muscle so want to finally feel good about my body, get nice and low bf% and then maintain while slowly adding mass post-summer

stats: im 23 years old, 5'6 tall and 75kg. i have a relatively athletic build normally but 3/4 lazy student years have put me at an all time fat high. once i lose it i think i should manage to keep it off easily as ive never had weight problems before. i have an extremely sedentary lifestyle, as a student i spend most of my days at home in bed, reading, watching tv, on the internet im imagining calories should be quite low for my cut, though i do want cardio and output to increase to aid my fat loss rather than relying solely on diet.

pics (taken from journal - these are from january...since then ive lost a couple of kg, mostly fat and think im in slightly better condition but not massively)

Ideas for cutting

i am interested in keto, however i dont think i am anal enough to do a full keto diet. are there variations of the keto diet where i can eat 75-100g carbs or is that too high? either way i think lowering carbs will be my approach. my diet ordinarily consists of 3/4 solid meals a day comprising of meat (chicken, lean mince, steak, tuna), low gi carbs (brown rice, wholewheat pasta, oatcakes) and a fat source (usually cheese or evoo). i have approx 3 shakes a day, one every night before bed, one pwo on training days and another 1/2 during the day between meals.

training i do a 3/4 day split depending on how busy my week is (when possible i have a shoulder/tricep day as well as a chest day). for my cut i was thinking of 2 HIIT training sessions a week at the gym (circuits), 3/4 fasted sscv sessions first thing upon waking and 2/3 low/medium intensity jogs post-training per week.

what i was wondering about was variations of carb amounts in diets and what i should aim for to suit my lifestyle/stats?


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    Re:looking to cut to < 10% bf! 2011/03/21 01:24:03 (permalink)
    Looks good to me mate,
    I am 186lbs about 13%bf i started cutting in Jan and came down from 200lb and 18% bf using a similar diet to yours and i wasnt doing that much cardio. i do however play rugby and am always walking around so that must of helped. best advice i can offer is give it a go and adjust accordingly.
    Good luck.

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    Re:looking to cut to < 10% bf! 2011/03/21 02:46:45 (permalink)
    75-100g of carbs is way too high for keto. By the sounds of it,you would be better suited to either carb cycling or simply reducing your carbs down and timing them effectively. 

    Have all of your daily carbs at your first meal of the day, PWO shake and PPWO meal.

    An example would be:
    Meal 1: Oats, Whey, Peanut Butter
    Meal 2: Protein & Fat with Salad
    Meal 3: Protein & Fat with Salad 
    PWO: Whey, Dextrose
    PPWO: Lean Meat, Brown Rice / Sweet Potato & Veg
    Meal 6: Protein & Fat 
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