2008/08/04 18:38:47
Importer Thai Saha Bhasaj Co Ltd..Bangkok..but made in Germany obviously.

purchased some of these enanthates the other day and i'm led to believe they are the dogs nuts etc.

The same batch no is on both the packaging box as it is in the single 1ml box it comes in and is also on the lable on the vial..does this mean they are kosher and not fake in any way?

batch no.70295 Mfg; 06-2007 exp.06/2012

Look sound.

Cheers for any ideas ta.
2008/08/04 20:07:13
any photos?
2008/08/04 20:38:00
I have these aswell.

My numbers are.

Batch No. 70295
MFD. 06/2007
Expiry. 06/2012
Reg No. 157/48

2008/08/05 06:30:28

ORIGINAL: h20490

I have these aswell.

My numbers are.

Batch No. 70295
MFD. 06/2007
Expiry. 06/2012
Reg No. 157/48

same as mine mate...had to heat the barrel up though when i'd loaded..thick as fcuk that stuff...stung a tad on it's way in aswell.

Got mine in a little single box aswell..looks neat and tidy,be surprised as fcuk if they are duds being as there seems to be no expense spared on the packaging etc.

All the same info on the vial as the box aswell.

Anyone else know if these are good to go??

2008/08/05 17:00:31

Gotta be someone who's tried these eh??
2008/08/12 13:20:13
yeah come on guys! Ive had my 4th injection today and im starting to notice these bad boys kick in
2008/08/12 15:18:36
Not seen those amps, but the prov is good. I would say the test is fine too.

Can see you've got them in an empty VHS case !
2008/08/12 16:29:41
Ive used them beofre and they were awesome. Your vials look exactly the same as mine did.

Good luck with your cycle
2008/08/12 16:37:55
Cheers guys,

Yeah its in Escape from New York or L.A with Kurt Russell (you know no ones going to look in there!)
2010/08/02 15:13:24
am using the same stuff and must say the oil is so thick !!! it actually causes deadleg for about 10mins after injecting. i have tried schering and its much thinner and better to inject. as for as performance goes uncertain yet.
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