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roid juice ?????

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2005/01/06 14:40:50 (permalink)

roid juice ?????

anyone heard of this ? does it sound any good ?

Roid Juice – TESTOSTERONE + IGF-1 Insulin + Creatine = Muscle Growth Never Seen Before

Our Roid Juice bodybuilders have been experiencing 14-30lbs of extreme muscle gain – now its your turn.

40 servings (20-40 days supply) - upgrade to 166 serving tub for £20 on the end of the final auction total

Roid Juice is the most powerful combination of ground breaking supplements today (worth £49.99 but no reserve). First and foremostly it combines the most powerful Testosterone boosters to simulate steroid like effects. Secondly it contains the 3 most powerful Insulin Boosters. The ingredients to Roid juice are:

Acetyl-L-Carnatine(ALC) - This ingredient frees up bound (inactive) testosterone and converts it into unbound(active) testosterone.

Tribulus is the a powerful natural Testosterone Booster – HUGE 54% average increases in TESTOSTERONE (shown supplementing with 750mg per day – Phenomenals dose gives better results with 3000-5000mg and a high saponin content)

Alpha-Lipoic-Acid – world renowned Insulin Booster

L-Taurine – great for absorbtion of other nutritents and at boosting Insulin

Vandium – to Further pump up Insulin levels Vandium is added for a tri-effect on Insulin

Creatine – works even better with elevated testosterone and Insulin levels

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    RE: roid juice ????? 2005/01/06 14:41:18 (permalink)
    sorry didnt mean to include prices, but its a legal supplement anyway
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    RE: roid juice ????? 2005/01/06 14:49:08 (permalink)
    lol roid juice, what a great name.

    Does it give you a dosage of each ingredient in each serving? Each of those ingredients are available seperately.

    Tribulus wont do much for you unless youre testosterone levels have been suppressed (ie recovering from a cycle) or of a more mature age.
    Creatine is creatine, available very cheaply

    To be honest I'd get some of the ingredients seperately, and forget about this roid juice. Tis overhyped so will probably end up overpriced aswell
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    RE: roid juice ????? 2005/01/06 14:51:08 (permalink)
    ^^^ Good advice. Steer well clear of hyped supps like this.

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    RE: roid juice ????? 2005/01/06 14:53:05 (permalink)
    with a name like that I wouldnt even bother reading what it contained! quick snigger and walk right past it!
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    RE: roid juice ????? 2005/01/06 15:03:51 (permalink)
    Shall i cancel my order then? lol.

    Yeah ignore it mate, just more junk promising amazing gains.

    With a stupid name to boot its only good to laugh at.

    Send me £20 for my new 'toosmalls magic juice make you huge fuel', its great stuff, honest.

    I will send you £2.50's worth of creatine in the post.

    Forget Elvis, Arnie is the king.

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    RE: roid juice ????? 2005/01/06 15:05:32 (permalink)
    Spend your money on food instead
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