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mass question

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2004/01/07 04:40:17 (permalink)

mass question

Does the exercise itself really matter all that much in accordance to size? i mean is there really certain "mass gaining" exercises that are better than others? (excluding things like the squat) What im getting at is; having read the post about strongmen of the past and looked at a few links it got me thinking. People that do "mass exercises" now are not doing what they did back then, yet those men of old were pretty large. I would lead this to believe it from eating alot rather than the exercise itself... then again i get the feeling that perhaps my question did not come across right and I'm merely stating the obvious, i dunno. Also, how come people do not do those exercises anymore? It obviously worked for them as they were able to lift rediculous weights before the dawn of steroids. I wonder why I never see people doing routines that mimic the old strongman legends. I mean has "modern exercises" evolved past these? I certainly think not... perhaps I'll give an "old time routine" a go, ill see what I can come up with.

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    RE: mass question 2004/01/07 13:32:14 (permalink)
    Mate a lot of us who are interested in strength training and are natural spend some time reading books by the strongmen of old ( Have a look at Dano's link ).

    There are definitely mass building exercises as all exercises are not created equal.

    Just because you don't see people using an exercise in the gym does not mean that it isn't a good exercise.

    The training world is in a mess.
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    RE: mass question 2004/01/08 14:25:27 (permalink)
    The "mass" exercises are just the basic exercises in weightlifting. i.e Flat Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Barbell Curl, Tricep Extension.
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    RE: mass question 2004/01/08 16:32:08 (permalink)
    "Tricep Extension" Was that joke Or not, LoL!
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    RE: mass question 2004/01/08 17:24:27 (permalink)
    the best mass exercises are the ones which require the most effort and create the highest amount of hormonal release in the body

    ie deads, squats, dips, clean and press and so on and so forth. The ones that people generally tend to avoid because they require effort.
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