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motivation is low, diet is boring, need help.

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2009/07/22 19:41:18 (permalink)

motivation is low, diet is boring, need help.

my diet at the moment is very boring:

9am 6 eggs (scrambled)
150g porrdge
table spoon of peanut butter mixed in.


chicken breast with nando sauce
100g rice

chicken breast with nandos sauce
100g rice

pre wo shake
protien + creatine in milk

post work out shake
protein glucose powder in water

chicken and rice again!!

9:00 chicken breast or pot of cottage cheese

11:00 protein shake with milk.

im trying to bulk clean as possible, im now 100kg and want to push that up to 110kg naturally

quick, get into the chopper!!!

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    Re:motivation is low, diet is boring, need help. 2009/07/22 22:45:18 (permalink)
    In terms of boring, maybe you need some other type of protein rather than chicken?
    I find chicken boring, if I eat it more than once in a day. You ccould make an omelette rather than just using eggs

    Do you like fish? Tuna, salmon

    Or maybe you could buy some lean beef mince, and make some burgers, I have a very nice recipe if you want one....

    I dont know much about bulking as its something I havent done, but in terms of food looks ok to me
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    Re:motivation is low, diet is boring, need help. 2009/07/22 22:57:34 (permalink)
    if you get sick of porridge, try eating it raw with raisins.  They can be a bit hard if you get those expensive oats which are perfectly formed, but you can get cheap oats from tescos for about 90p per kilo, and they're like shrapnel.  really easy to eat cold.  I used to hate plowing through a bowl of porridge, it made me sick, but eating them cold is more like cereal.
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    Re:motivation is low, diet is boring, need help. 2009/07/22 23:02:33 (permalink)
    I can see that chicken is dominating your diet, so i would use another good source of protein which are tuna, salmon, turkey and some lean beef maybe,

    You can always experiment with your food as well, instead of having tuna straight out of the tin you can mix it in with an egg, oats, herbs and spices to make some burgers to put into a wholemeal pitta bread.

    Another thing is the rice, way too much and can get boring easily, try some sweet potatoes, wholemeal breads and pittas, veggie salads etc
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    Re:motivation is low, diet is boring, need help. 2009/07/23 09:13:24 (permalink)
    Reiterating what others are saying, mostly.

    Cycle your foods often- it keeps things interesting.
    If weight training is your life, or at least a big part of it then you are not going to stick to a diet  like this for the long term.
    Get involved in the food- try many different types of protein and carbs.

    What sort of rice are you consuming?
    Try couscous, quinoa, lentils or just a plain jacket potato in place of it.
    What veg are you having? There is a lot of scope to liven up a meal with different types- having the same mix of broccoli/carrot is going to get real old, real fast.

    Turkey, salmon, haddock, tuna, cod, lean beef, or even a mixture of those can make it fun.
    or instance, I had a paella last night with a mixture of prawns, haddock, chicken with brown rice.

    When I started out I had a very militant approach of 'this is what I eat, every day, day in, day out'.
    After 3 months I was back eating a bit of junk and then eventually I got sick of 'being good' and proceeded to gain 20lbs of fat.
    Not good.

    Varying your diet will keep you occupied while your muscles are growing- sure there is more prep and shopping time, but I do find it is something that allows me to stay on an even keel.
    Good luck.
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