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2004/02/29 21:15:54 (permalink)


how do u motivate yourself to do cardio? i hate the boredom of it all - it's just so unexciting, and when i'm out there running or whatever, all i can think of is "this is dull, ah balls, hope i finish soon, lalala"!

now, HIIT's more exciting yes, but i can't do it everyday like a 5 mile run or whatever, so i was wondering if anyone's created some technique to make lots of fat burning cardio entertaining? this is such a shot in the dark!!!

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    RE: motivation 2004/02/29 21:21:30 (permalink)
    I could never get motivated at home or out on a jog by myself. If you can't get motivated by thinking what you are going to achieve (your targets/goals) then find someone to train with or join a gym!.

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    RE: motivation 2004/02/29 21:29:56 (permalink)
    Am I right in presuming you are quite new to cardio? Eventually if you just keep doing it then it will become part of your daily routine just like brushing yer teeth.

    When I go on long distance runs I don't even think of the running my mind is elsewhere just thinking about life and other stuff.
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    RE: motivation 2004/03/01 09:16:22 (permalink)
    do a google search for the marathon monks of mount hei. thats enough for me.
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    RE: motivation 2004/03/01 13:35:45 (permalink)
    @ Boxer - Ditto m8... well said
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    RE: motivation 2004/03/03 13:23:19 (permalink)
    when i go for a run (which is not very often) or a swim (more often), i think of the reason i am doing it. for me, it's to keep my place in the 1st team rugby squad. I think of my team mates, I say to me self lee's running now, geraint's swimming now, and i nedd to do this to keep up or better them.
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    RE: motivation 2004/03/03 13:36:50 (permalink)

    I just do different things for session. Start of with some punch bag, then row, then that funny ski machine, etc! Just breaks it up. I also think it's making me fitter so that pushes me. Running sucks though!
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    RE: motivation 2004/03/03 17:50:40 (permalink)
    I used to hate going to cardio as well, after a while i decided to go to the university track. well there were about 100 ladies jogging on teh track, so from that day on I go to the track and deal with running alittle heh
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    RE: motivation 2004/03/03 20:49:33 (permalink)
    Same motivation as autiger found top chick at work with wicked arse made her cycle in front of me with that cheeky little thong poking out of lycra trousers voila marathon in 45 minutes

    warning side effect:
    could be confused with training for pole vault.
    Kieran Fisher
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    RE: motivation 2004/03/04 18:06:43 (permalink)
    1) It's been a very effective method of losing bodyfat - which i want to do

    2) It'll keep me cardio-vascularly fit

    3) Running can be done anywhere, anytime, with no-equipment. I'm a night person and if i could, would do all my training after 9pm - with running this is possible!

    I went for another run after taking a couple days off recently and found it really easy, and did a really fast time. I think the main reason i was de-motivated before was that i was simply doing it to often, and the impact of that together with going heavy in squats and deadlifts all the time simply made my joints sore - and hence i felt worn down.

    Cheers for all the responses! I'm gonna keep running, but do it a little less often, and walk into uni every time i have to - which is 40 mins in, 40 back most days - so get any additional calorie burning done that way. Been doing this since the begining of this week and it's working well so far!

    Originally posted by dg


    Question to Kieran - why do you want to run five miles a day?

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    RE: motivation 2004/03/04 22:14:56 (permalink)
    i listen to rage against the machine. sometimes i speed up and slow down in time with the music. i also have little races with myself, trying to beat a previous time.
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    RE: motivation 2004/03/05 05:13:59 (permalink)
    I find the best way to get through it is just to focus on something. It's a bit like meditation for me, I clear my mind of all the "this is so boring throughts" and then find something to focus my mind on.

    I listen to the beat of my feet on the ground and use it to control my breathing until I feel comfortable at that pace then focus deeply on something. It's a bit like saying a mantra over and over, I just go into a sort of trance and before I know it its done

    I've used this meathod with great results, its got me through many a 10 milers in the past.

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    RE: motivation 2004/03/05 18:41:50 (permalink)
    For me it's something that I NEED to do...I can't pump train at the moment, but it's keeping me in good physical condition for now and as my fitness improves I know I'm going to be another step closer to full recovery. If I can stick the cardio out through times of de-motivation, I can do anything
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