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2003/11/17 09:49:30 (permalink)


Dear readers,

I have been working out for a while now, just once a week due to work hours.

Lately I've been less motivated about going to the gym.

Do any of you have good motivational skills?

I'd like to continue but if I continue like I am I'll end up not going and that's not what I want to do.

Many thanks.

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    RE: motivations 2003/11/17 11:48:42 (permalink)
    i am afriad that any kind of sport requires dedication, be it fottball, strength training or cv exersize. you need to ask yourself, will you be happy with your body/mind if you give up?

    answer=yes, it doesn't matter then
    answer=no [i think this is you] grit your teeth, accept that you can't reap the benifits of the gym without going, get your head down and crack on.

    sometimes i don't like training, but then i rememmber that i always feel [mind, not body] like **** and very dissapointed with myself if i don't go. [V]

    one more thing is, IMO no matter how much you do, once a week ain't enough. i work and study full time [yes, both] and i still MAKE time for the gym or a home workout 3-5 times a week...

    ..you have to *want* to do it.

    read my sig, exersize your will power and your muscles will follow.

    hope that helps, its similar to what i realised when i was in your situation years ago. anyway, good luck matey

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    RE: motivations 2003/11/17 11:53:59 (permalink)
    Perhaps you just need a shake up. Try changing your routine and set some goals.
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    RE: motivations 2003/11/17 20:12:08 (permalink)
    How about using something like your favourite music to help get you motivated either before or during your exercise?
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    RE: motivations 2003/11/18 22:46:24 (permalink)
    Like rogerthedog said, you need to fix goals. This is really motivating for me, I set goals for everything and when I achieve that objective I set a higher goal. And you need other goals than "the way you will look" because progress are slow in that domain.
    And IMO, there is no problem if you only workout once a week, it is always better than nothing. Only do the 3 big compounds Squat, deadlift and bench in that workout. You should get some good progress and if you are more motivated, you can add exercises and other workout later.
    Good luck with you training mate!
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    RE: motivations 2003/11/20 10:10:31 (permalink)
    Dear all

    thank you all for your replies.

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    RE: motivations 2003/12/17 08:14:53 (permalink)
    Definitely set some goals for yourself and keep track of your progress. After you reach a goal you will see how far you have come, and it will give you motivation to go on to your next goal.

    For me personally, I have realized how much of a fat arse I have become in the past few months. Too much crappy food is to blame, but I'm at college, so I will have to sort that out. I have made some really nice muscle gains, and I'm going to start the cutting tomorrow hopefully if all goes according to plan. For motivation I play with my belly... :)
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