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need a routine

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2003/12/07 21:34:30 (permalink)

need a routine

I lift weights during my lunchbreak but do the following in the evenings--Mon-Boxing Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat(mornings)-kickboxing.

I obviously burn a shed load of calories but recently seem to be losing muscle and replacing it with fat--my diet isn't particularly good at the moment but is getting back on track. I'm looking for a routine that will hit all body parts perhaps once a week (will this be enough??)-(I do legs on Sundays)I have been doing an entire body workout mon/wed/fri--

I have been thinking about Mon--Chest/Tri Wed-Back/Bi Fri/Shoulders/traps and having Tues/Thurs as rest days.

What do you think?? And what sort of sets/reps should I be aiming for??




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    RE: need a routine 2003/12/07 21:41:59 (permalink)
    I'm a kickboxer to... And I love 5x5. Helps more or less with some brute strength. It's gunna be hard to gain a lot of mass with THAT much cardio though hahah, your gunna have to eat like a horse. By the way... You missed legs. If your a kickboxer that's your best weapon! Why not get some ****ing strong ass legs? Anyways... Check out Frankie NY's post on 5x5. Either use that routine or you can ask some questions and create one of your own. Also I've heard lotsa good stuff about westside based routines, however I've never tried one. My recommendation would be an intense abrieviated 5x5 routine. Use a 3 day split.
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    RE: need a routine 2003/12/07 22:16:29 (permalink)
    if you are going to continue on this much cardio based martial art activity then i would advise a split body 2 day per week routine.

    day 1
    power clean

    day 2
    military press

    just 3 exercises using a 5x5
    if you really want add barbell curls but work hard on the basic 3 exercises.
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    RE: need a routine 2003/12/10 19:20:28 (permalink)
    cheers gents,

    I'm gonna give the 5x5 a go and clean up the diet (after xmas anyway!!)


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    RE: need a routine 2003/12/10 20:20:20 (permalink)
    Day 1
    bench press
    shoulder press
    grip work (Ivanko Super Gripper)

    Day 2

    Day 3
    weighted sit ups
    leg raises

    I make my split fall over 8 days, instead of one week because I have an extra work out of boxing that I need to get in.

    Try making your split over a longer period of time e.g I work out 8 days a week, Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun/Tues (for example), I don't do the same work out as I did last Tuesday, I do another work out following my split that stretches out over 8 days.You could even make the work out longer and incorporate some grip work, or keg pressing, sandbag lifting etc..

    Do you get me? I'll try explain further if you don't.
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