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need an some HELP!!!!!!!!!

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2005/07/20 22:18:29 (permalink)

need an some HELP!!!!!!!!!

hi guys juz wanted to knw that i recently bought amino acid tablets are these any good to take an what do they really do i do have an slight idea what they do but wanted be sure and one last thing whats better to take whey protein or creatine dnt knw which one to buy what does creatine aND WHAT DOES WHEY PROTEIN DO PLZZZZZZZ SUMONE HELP

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    RE: need an some HELP!!!!!!!!! 2005/07/20 23:28:22 (permalink)
    Well whey protein and creatine aren't mutually exclusive for starters. Whey is a convenient way to consume the amount of protein a bodybuilder requires - its not a must, but personally I wouldn't do with out it especially post workout. As getting the required amount of protein everyday from whole foods is tricky.

    Just think of protein being required to repair and build muscle.

    Creatine is a different type of supplement altogether supplement you can find an article about it here:

    Amino acid tablets have there uses but they are expensive which the main reason I have never bother I *think* that they are best to take post workout as unlike whey which the body needs to break down into amino acids they can be used immediately.

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    RE: need an some HELP!!!!!!!!! 2005/07/21 13:44:57 (permalink)
    As Chez suggests, "whey protein vs creatine" is a complete non-starter.

    Whey protein is just a type of protein and protein is just food. Whey protein isn't much different from any other source of protein and it certainly isn't any kind of magic training aid. If you already have enough protein for muscle repair in your diet (aim for approx. 1g per lb of bodyweight) then whey protein won't do anything for you. The advantages of having whey protein are essentially twofold: (1) it's a good source of protein to have in your diet if you can't get enough protein from standard food- which can be fairly difficult; and (2) it is processed quickly by the body which makes it especially suitable post-workout.

    Creatine is completely different. It is an amino acid complex which is found in regular food (eg meat, cranberries) but not in particularly large quantities. It does two things: (1) It upgrades adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. ATP is what your muscles use as fuel. Using creatine can therefore help you get out an extra rep here and there- which indirectly will help you get bigger and stronger. (2) It causes "cell volumization", which means there will be more water in your muscle cells. This will cause them to get larger while you are taking creatine but this effect will cease when you stop taking it. For most people its most important effect is the first one, and for most people it works.

    So basically they are both useful but it makes no sense to ask in complete isolation, "Which should I buy?" or "Which is better?" It depends on the rest of your diet and your aims.
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