needle exchange?

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2005/07/30 20:42:54 (permalink)

needle exchange?

may sound stupid question but when u go to needle exchange do u need to go in with old needles to exchange or can u just go in and pick up free barrels n pins?? also would they test ur blood work free of charge???

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    RE: needle exchange? 2005/07/30 20:47:55 (permalink)
    you get more if you take some used ones to exchange bro, otherwise they'll usually only give you 20 of each or something like that. Not sure about the blood test question tho.
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    RE: needle exchange? 2005/07/30 21:19:24 (permalink)
    Or you could just use www.medisave.co.uk
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    RE: needle exchange? 2005/07/31 09:37:51 (permalink)
    normally on your second visit they ask you for your old ones or they are reluctant to give you new ones.. thats the case at my local one. dont use em now cos they normally only give you 2.5ml barrels and i use 3ml plus cant stand going in there. I buy em now

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    RE: needle exchange? 2005/07/31 09:58:33 (permalink)
    The one is Gloucester is ok you can get 2.5ml and 5ml barrels green or blue pins and sharps bins but they do like you to bring the bins back when they are full.
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    RE: needle exchange? 2005/07/31 11:30:06 (permalink)
    Been to two in Salisbury. One gave me a few needles, but never the colour I wanted (blue) - that's ADAS - Alcohol + Drug Awareness Service or something

    The other look at me like I'm a lepper and only give insulin syringes/needles in one, no used to an f**ker!

    So I bought from medisave - only £25 or something more needles, barrels, swabs .... much better as I have ot all to hand now. I only use he exchanges to swap my needle bin.

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    RE: needle exchange? 2005/07/31 14:08:21 (permalink)
    I went down the local exchange this week with my full bucket. Walked in the door and the man says: 'are you on the methodone (sp) program?' then adds: 'er... looks like you're on the steer-roids program' and starts laughing.

    Being 20 stone now its to be expected I guess...
    then he says: 'how many seringes do you need? a box?'
    'Yes' I answered, no knowing how many is in "a box".

    He then gives me a full box of 100 x5cc barrels!
    'Anything else you need?' he says...
    'some greens and blues'
    So he gave me 100 greens and 100 blues!!
    Finally he says: 'I can see that it's working!' and all the bagheads in the queue are staring at me...

    so that's me sorted for a cycle or two.
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    RE: needle exchange? 2005/07/31 16:06:33 (permalink)
    Yeh, the lifeline one in manchester is good.
    Just give you what ever your ask for.
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    RE: needle exchange? 2005/07/31 21:37:03 (permalink)
    LOL at Heats1nk.

    TBH guys i prefer buying them from medisave. I know this topic has come up before but all the stuff from medisave (100 greens 100 blues 100 barrels and 200 swabs) came to £50 including Special next day delivery! I would rather buy the stuff than let the government have the figures on whats going on!

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    RE: needle exchange? 2005/07/31 22:38:59 (permalink)
    Mine's good, I had the "steroids is it" bit too :-) They give me a mixed box of blues and greens last time and a load of 3ml barrels (They do 1,2 3,5, and 10ml) and a box of sterets. Quite friendly, I used to draw and jab using blues but the woman advised me to draw with greens, much easier. Very helpful.
    Don't think they do blood work though..
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