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2009/07/28 20:53:03 (permalink)

new routine

ive been doing a chest, back/bi's, shoulders/tri's, split for a looong time.

then i added a leg day a few weeks ago.

now i want to change it all up due to changing gym.

im thinking chest/bi's, back/tri's, shoulders, legs. i ll be doing this routine on a slight bulk (not cutting, not quite bulking and balancing the excess calories with 30min intensive spinning classes and a 20 un fueled jog on weekends

but its a 4 day split and im doing a lot i think. maby a little less and fit it into 3 days. i could easily keep this routine up so i dont mind 4 days at all. maby shoulders + legs???


age            - 20
weight       - about 12st after cut
bench        - 100kg 1rm
squat         - 100kg 5reps
deadlift     -  130kg 10 reps
BF%          - about 8-9%

monday - chest + bi's

incline barbell - 6x2
varied incline dumbell press 8x5 (lowest incline, next setting up, highest incline, one setting down, lowest incline)
flat bench 6x2
flat dumbell bench 8x2
weighted dips 10x4
cable crossovers 12x4

standing barbell curls 6x3
seated EZ bar curls 8x3
single arm seated concentration curls 6x3

tuesday - back + tri's

deadlift 5x3
single arm pulldowns 8x3
wide grip pulldowns 8x3
upright row's 8x3
dumbell pullovers 12x5

close grip incline bench 5x5
cable pushdowns 5x3
dumbell overhead extentions 5x3

thursday - shoulders

dumbell press - 5x3
front raises 10x3
lat raises 10x3
heavy shrugs 5x2
light shrugs 15x2

friday - legs

squats - 6x5
leg raises 8x3
leg curls 8x3
calf raises 8x3

please let me know. i know this will probably be too much. but im wanting things chopping etc.


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    Re:new routine 2009/07/30 11:41:19 (permalink)
    Yip mate, TOO much! 

    Chest - Stick with two compounds, three at most.  No need for incl db and bb, same goes for flat.  Do Incline dumbells, flat bench, and dips and/or cables.

    Again arm exercises stick to two, as they will no be targeted twice (trcieps 3 times) a week.  And again, only two tri exercises.

    Shoulders are fine, but the heavy light shrugs?  Just superset them, dropping to a lighter weight when you fail with the heavy weight on each set.  Works much better.

    legs day is good.

    I would place legs on Tuesday, your arms need a break before the back/bi day.

    On back day, sack the single arm pulldowns.
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    Re:new routine 2009/07/30 12:22:38 (permalink)
    Great reply!!!!
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    Re:new routine 2009/07/30 15:19:16 (permalink)
    I wouldn't do the bodypart split mate TBH.
    Try  FBR or push/pull/legs or upper/lower
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