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prison style

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2006/07/09 22:48:54 (permalink)

prison style

hey all,

i read a thread recently (on another site) talkin about prisoners and the way they train in the gym which got me thinkin

although they are not trainin to be body builders they do have large physiques and dont seem to have a problem with overtraining (even though trainin every day) and low protein meals with no supplementation

im not sure how they train exactly but i presume they dont have much else to do but train and probably train hard due to the surroundings they are in

what are your views on this?

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    RE: prison style 2006/07/09 23:07:22 (permalink)
    (Apparently) you can get high protein food in prison if you request it / work in kitchen

    Also remember they get LOTS of rest

    Training every day is not a problem providing your routine is split

    (Apparently) you can get steriods in prison

    Supplimentation is not required

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    RE: prison style 2006/07/09 23:12:05 (permalink)
    You can get whey and creatine inside, a freind of mine did a stretch a while ago and he said they can get it with thier work earnings every week.

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    RE: prison style 2006/07/10 10:01:31 (permalink)
    Most will get a max of 1 hour a day, and others a hell of a lot less. In that hour they will cram in a high volume of work, with minimal rest and going to complete failure on every set. Then there resting for another 23hrs, 3 square meals a day with supplementation available(in some jails) to buy. Steroids are a big problem where respect is earnt with size.
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    RE: prison style 2006/07/10 10:09:34 (permalink)
    yeah but they also do lots of body weight excercises in their room, pull ups, press ups, upside shoulder presses.

    they can also go jogging in thr mornings, plenty and plenty of rest as mentioned and plenty of food. life isnt physically demanding, unless of course you sign up to gardening and so on for extra money!

    a few good friends of mine went in for only like 10 months and they all came out huge, one guys trap like reached his ear lol, then again, they were about 17 so the test was raging in their bodies.

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    RE: prison style 2006/07/10 11:29:45 (permalink)
    may be the ones who do well in prison would do a lot better outside of prison if they were not to busy commiting crimes instead of trianing.
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    RE: prison style 2006/07/10 11:42:31 (permalink)
    burpees, dips, pushups, lunges, lots of rest, lots of food if they get a job in the kitchen ...
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    RE: prison style 2006/07/10 20:14:54 (permalink)
    those who developed good physices inside could always do some modeling


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    RE: prison style 2006/07/11 13:44:35 (permalink)
    Possibly a silly question, but did 50 cent not do most of his training in prison? Just somethin I herd, never looked into it though.

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