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2003/12/14 01:40:21 (permalink)


Whenever i do pullups i always swing and it messes up my rythm. I cant figure out what i am doing wrong. I usually cross my legs behind me, then i tried just letting them hang but it was still no help, anyone have any advice

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    RE: pullups 2003/12/14 09:43:02 (permalink)
    i move around when im chinning heavy in fact sometimes i use my feet to kick myself up the wall a bit to squeeze an extra couple of reps out. try using a weigted dipping belt and just add something like a 5lb plate and concentrate on really gripping that between your legs. should keep you slightly more stable
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    RE: pullups 2003/12/14 11:38:43 (permalink)
    towards the end of the set you will always find that controlling your body becomes difficult, however, if you are swinging around trying to "bang out" more reps at the start of your set by doing them fast you are cheating yourself. go slow [like j5 said] and try to contract your abs, but without raising your hips/knees, and if you can, go to lockout on all of the reps [right up, and right down].

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    RE: pullups 2003/12/14 11:56:50 (permalink)
    I used to be a sucker for that, a big swing on the legs on the way up. The nature of the movement creates a little movement I find but try and keep your legs straight then you can't kick out) and fixed and use more control and it should help.
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    RE: pullups 2003/12/14 14:30:42 (permalink)
    Swinging is cheating! you have to fight it and keep the body straight. I cheat a little by the end of a set but try not to because I know i will only come away annoyed. The other way my body tries to cheat is by pulling up more with my stronger shoulder to wriggle up.
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    RE: pullups 2003/12/17 07:44:10 (permalink)
    You could always have someone stand behind you as a pseudo-spotter. Depends on how your are doing your lifts; however, I have found that doing chins (especially weighted ones) with a spotter gives me better gains. I have them leave me alone until my form gets really bad then have them grab my feet to keep my steady as I go up. They give me a bit of help, and it helps me bust out a few more quality reps.
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    RE: pullups 2003/12/18 16:08:04 (permalink)
    i would use a spotter as well
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