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smith machine benching

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2005/08/01 23:04:32 (permalink)

smith machine benching

Hi boys ,just wondering i seen a guy benching 160kg on a smithy tonight and wonderd what is easier a smithy or free weight as ive never benched on a smithy before

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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/01 23:16:13 (permalink)
    Without fail much easier on a smith machine. The number of guys I see at my gym saying they just can't bench on a normal bench station as they can't keep the bar even!

    Then they load 4 plates on the smith and struggle away.
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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/02 16:33:11 (permalink)
    I find a smith machine great when benching without a partner but nothing beats free weights...

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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/02 17:00:21 (permalink)
    I dont know why but i find the smith machine harder. I dont know if that is reflected in my max but i just find benching on a SM very uncomfortable. They are a load of **** for sports training aswell IMO. Free bench all the way for me.
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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/02 17:21:35 (permalink)

    My gym doesn't have a barbell bench, only smith and dumbbells.

    I'm on 3x8-9 @ 35kg (each hand) on dumbbells or 120kg*2 for smith bench.

    Like to know what I can do on a barbell, guess I'll have to wait til I visit another gym

    I think smith is good as it's safe, but stabilisers are much better worked on dumbbells/barbells ... and the workout feels MUCH more intense.

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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/02 17:35:48 (permalink)
    Hate the smith machine personally can lift more weight but just doesn't feel like it hits the muscles as hard!!
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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/02 22:33:53 (permalink)
    It doesn't, that's why! You don;t need to use the stabilisers anything like as much, and you can bear agaisnt the slider and just heave it. I reckoned 25%-33% more on Smith compared to free bar when I was training. They have thier uses though: there's no way I'd go limit-heavy without a spotter on a free bar. But the free bar's a waaaaaaay better bit of kit.
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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/02 22:43:56 (permalink)
    still like to finish the tri`s of with some close grip benching when they are so destroyed at the end of a session on one...
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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/06 13:34:36 (permalink)
    a few months ago i tried the smithy for incline presses-was doing 20kg more
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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/06 13:47:14 (permalink)
    I hate the smith machine, I never do flat or decline press on it. I'm lucky enough to have a decent power rack where I can place the supporting bars in exactly the right position so safety isn't an issue for me. I like to feel "in control" of the bar when I'm pressing and the restriction of the smithy takes that away. That said, I do like doing incline press on the smith machine but I don't do that as a "power" movement, I just use it for the burn at the end of a benching session - if I'm in a gym that has one.
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    RE: smith machine benching 2005/08/09 03:18:36 (permalink)
    When trying to increase my bench, I start at the smithy. Ya, you don't have to balance the weight but you can push a crap load of weight which can act as a stepping stone to the free weights. It's just another tool that every one has a differnet opinion on. If your thinking about using it, do it and then tell us your opinion.
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