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squatting through the heels?

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2011/03/29 16:45:47 (permalink)

squatting through the heels?

Im thinking i should be pushing through my heels when squatting?  I have recently gone back to training and now grown up and am trying to favour good form over the actual weight.  Bit gutting when i see what i am actually squatting but at least they are 'proper' squats, ass to grass i hear people say haha. Anyway even with little weight on i can feel myself pushing through the balls of feet a bit more, trying to push more through heels but feels like im gonna fall backwards.  Got a couple of 2.5 discs undedr each foot/heel but doesnt seem to help that much?  Anyone any other techniques to overcome this? or anyone had any similar problems with form and squatting?  
On a side note for the first time ever with lower weight and when i balance the bar a bit lower, it actually feels right and not like it is gonna snap me in half at the lower back!
Any thoughts??

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    Re:squatting through the heels? 2011/03/29 16:49:25 (permalink)
    You could start with a lower bar position and a wider stance, but it's primarily just a technique thing. Practice makes perfect. When you start the squat, initiate the movement by pushing your hips back (not just sitting down and bending your knees first), and then when you are coming back up just focus on driving your ass/lower back up (not just extending your knees).
    The key is to keep telling yourself to sit back, not just sit down.
    Doing some box squatting might help you to get into the habit of this (but, then again, it might not)

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    Re:squatting through the heels? 2011/03/30 12:30:53 (permalink)
    Unless you have some physiological issue (which I doubt if you're saying you can hit the heels on lower weights) then you just really have to concentrate.
    CK is right about keeping the bar lower, be sure as well that you're bare footed. You just need to concentrate on the heel drive and focus the power.
    Deadelifting properly will also help with ths as it's easier to get the power through the heels on a deadlift, and the skill is transferrable.
    When you start the drive, start from the heel. Through the lift the worse you'll probably get is neutral, so at the end of the drive out think about the heel again - most people pop forward at the top of the lift, so concentrate your efforts there. If you start well and finish well, the form will hold through the mid lift.
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    Re:squatting through the heels? 2011/03/30 12:59:16 (permalink)
    You must be cautious instructing people to use the 'sit back' as a que. It can go wrong unless you actually with them to make corrections, or know how badly they are squating onto their knees. It's a que more readly used in equipped PL than most peoples normal squat.
    Personally I never think about sitting back. Open up the hips and straight down. The opening up of the legs/hips will be key for most people. I'll end up sitting back 'enough' if I do this.
    Neither do you need to actually break at the hips first.
    So set the chest up and upper back uptight. Look forward and lower down whilst pushing the legs out, Squeeze into the hole and drive up with a tight lower back. Easier said than done, and you nee to find a couple of ques that work for you! Ultimalty the less you think about the better.
    If ths advice and the advice above dosn't help then you probably have some flexability issues; ankle and/or hip mobility.
    Neither do you need to actually break at the hips first.
    Again these que's have their uses and I realise its just tips on a forum rather than coaching, but they can result in bad tech just of themselves. Maybe I am just in a pinkity mood! lol
    To the OP youtube 'Rx squat' and 'Rippetoe squat' for some good vids that'll help you
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    Re:squatting through the heels? 2011/03/30 13:18:29 (permalink)
    Having just overcome some squat problems, this was really helpfull for me.
    Firstly just focus on squatting with just the bar only, really trying to find the most comfortable position. One which you feel stable and comfortable with.
    As CK said above a lower bar position can make a lot of difference. I was using the bar very high and im sure this was throwing my balance off and putting more stress on my back. I lowered the bar but only minimally and this has helped a great deal too.
    Try different feet positions wider etc.
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