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steroids and painkillers

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2009/07/25 10:38:54 (permalink)

steroids and painkillers

hi to all , im after a bit of help , i have not long ago had a disk replacement done on my back and now after 4months has gone by im back at the the gym and back on the steroids but the problem is i still need to take painkillers ( tramadol 50mg ) and i was wondering is the painkillers would cancel out the steroids , can anybody help me on this matter , thanks for reading my post and hope you hear from you o this matter 


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    Re:steroids and painkillers 2009/07/25 10:47:57 (permalink)
    I don't think they would "cancel out" the steroids so to speak but there may be issues like increased chance of liver/kidney damage.... Not sure of the toxicity of tramadol so wouldn't like to say for sure mate..

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    Re:steroids and painkillers 2009/07/25 11:28:17 (permalink)
    id inject if i were you, tramadol are one down from morphine and not great for your liver
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    Re:steroids and painkillers 2009/07/25 11:33:37 (permalink)
    ok thanks guys , think il just stop the tramadol , i know they are very strong , and i shouldnt need them much longer and i also know that steroids act like a anti-inflamitary so think the best thing is to do is stop the tramadol and just carry on with the roids , thanks
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    Re:steroids and painkillers 2009/07/26 05:49:22 (permalink)
    the painkillers will not "cancel out" the gear but there are two concerns regarding this and that is what was already said which is the added stress on liver/kidneys and also the loss of ability to "listen to the body" and this is more of a concern directly during traing... as gains will be increasing at such a rapid pace it is absolutely necessary to be very in tune "listening" to what your body is saying as far as when to push and when you are pushing at a point of damage to ligaments/tendons/connective tissue etc. hard training already puts us at this fine line and most especially during a cycle. if you do decide to use the PK's stick with post training, if this is not possible tone down those training days a hair i.e. don't max out on weight or reps be strict about form and be careful of faster paced exercises like power cleans, clean and jerk, etc. good luck with the recovery be constantly aware that you are still recovering... training can be of great benefit when recovering from such injuries/surgeries but only when done appropriately... try to keep the ego out of it... which I speak on from personal experience, post knee surgeries a mixture of ego and just anxious to get back where I was... I overdid it and had to pull back... check my ego at the door and get back on track at a lower but steady pace... which can be extremely difficult and trying on patience!! good luck!!


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    Re:steroids and painkillers 2009/07/28 10:18:11 (permalink)
    Tramadol works in two way its an opiate and effects your serotonin so it can make you feel high / spacey. 

    The concerns raised are right you might over train because its harder to tell whats going on. The liver could be a concern if your steroids are high dose. Tramadol is usually 50mg to 100mg up to four times a day. 

    From the BNF there are no interactions between Tramadol and Testosterone or Nandrolone (decca) its not possible to check other steroids not available to prescribe in the UK. 

    Since its not long after your operation you need to still take it easy. 
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    Re:steroids and painkillers 2009/07/28 14:53:05 (permalink)
    Fine mate unless using high dose orals. Tramadol is actually far weaker than morphine. It actually effcets the MU opiate receptor 1000 times less than morphine. As boner says many of it's effects are on the serotonin and norepinephrine (noradrenaline) receptors as a reuptake inhibitor leaving more of these chemicals flowing around in your brain basically like an SSRI. Although technically an opioid as it effects the receptor, it's far different to normal MU agonists such as codeine and dihydrocodeine/morphine. 

    It will make you feel good at first and is a good painkiller but will not effect steroids directly in anyway except for any mental affects as said above. Interstingly Opioid medication can reduce testosterone levels but is not of concern unless on heavy opioid doses of morphine or dihydrocodeine/methadone etc.
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    Re:steroids and painkillers 2009/07/28 18:19:23 (permalink)
    The best reference for all drug interactions is a book by Stockley forget the BNF.
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