sticking point

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2007/06/20 12:17:34 (permalink)

sticking point

deads and squats seem to have hit a sticking point.

I do 3 or so working sets of 5 reps.

I maybe have been training as full throttle for too long. So I was going to knock the weight back say 5-10K and then build back up.

for example I WAS doing

90K * 5 warmup
120K * 5
125K * 5
125K * 5
130K * 3

I have been struggling with 125 and 120 even felt hard last week.

so how about

80K * 5 warmup
110K * 5
110K * 5
115K * 5

Deadlifts I WAS doing

118K * 5 warmup
147K * 5
152K * 5
157K * 5

however struggled with 147K last week and bombed out after 1.5sets

so how about

108K * 5 warmup
128K * 5
133K * 5
135K * 5

what do ppl think ?


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    RE: sticking point 2007/06/20 12:19:21 (permalink)
    Have you tried doing box squats?
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    RE: sticking point 2007/06/20 13:53:51 (permalink)
    IME, i try to get a full warm up with lots of reps during the very first light sets, then go up with much less reps like 2 to 5 before working sets so as to spare energy, making quite big jumps in the begining. I also try not to completly recover between sets, make it quick. I think doing my sets fast makes me burn less gas than taking time to fully recover thinking this would help me spare my energy. I know it sounds a bit daft but with time i get more effective at it.
    To sum it up, i find you dont warm up enough and get too many reps on sets are are too close to your working ones.
    Concistancy in a given intensity is what pays most imo.
    You can squat 140kg, lets assume it is for 1 rep, i'd go for 5 working sets of 3 to 5 reps each at 80/85% (112.5/120kg) depending on how you feel and what you just did before. Then i'd try to build up from there, starting with sets of 5@120kg if possible during a couple of weeks then switch to 3's@125/130k, then 2's maybe...
    phil nosko
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    RE: sticking point 2007/06/20 18:13:17 (permalink)
    It may be that you need time off from training altogether.The deadlift is hard on the body as you can shift so much more weight than other movements.Try having a week to 10 days doing nothing at all training wise,then come back and Im pretty sure you will get stronger.I find top end partials good for deadlift assistance work,set the pins to just below knee level and do sets of 3-5 reps.Also,if youre not hitting your abs hard then begin doing so,doing crunches with added weight etc.....Also maybe consider doing speed work such a lighter deadlift session or even powercleans.Hope this is of some help m8.
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