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2005/07/24 19:34:25 (permalink)


i read this can u read this to and give me you r thoughts on i please no i dunno whether to strench or not.


bench press- 65kg-8
squat- 70kg-20
deadlift- 90kg-6
barbell curl- 25kg-5
skull crushers-20kg-7
lateral raises- 10kg-10

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    RE: strentching 2005/07/25 11:53:05 (permalink)
    correct research done has proved that static stretching does not reduce the risk of injury. Other good research has proved that static stretching can reduce the force and power output a muscle can produce. Clever terminology in that article talks about overstretching. This basically means you need your own optimum range of movement to carry out your own daily tasks and not the range of movement that a ballet dancer needs. Of course if a rugby player had the flexibility of a gymnast then that could increase the risk of injury for that person. What it also basically says is that any stretching should be done with correct technique with correct joint allignment to avoid damage to ligaments.

    Warm-up stretches should be dynamic i.e. a moving controlled stretch through the ROM required for exercise and static stretches should be done at the end of the workout to take the muscles back to there original ROM.

    Stretches at the start of a session are only designed to lenghten the fascia of a muscle anyway. It is at the end of a session when muscles have been contracting for a period of time that they could have reduced in ROM and that is when longer stretches are required to take muscles back to a pre-exercise length or in some cases spend a longer time stretching them to increase the length.

    The way that article puts it across is that stretching is a waste of time and that is completely wrong!! You have to think of psychological benefits also. Some people who have stretched before a workout will think its doing some good and will feel better for doing it and the placebo(sp) effect will be will have benefits to there workout.
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    RE: strentching 2005/07/25 11:58:58 (permalink)
    I stretch between sets ,makes me feel better and also lift more,could be in the mind ,but works for me.
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    RE: strentching 2005/07/25 21:20:13 (permalink)

    ORIGINAL: motorhead

    I stretch between sets ,makes me feel better and also lift more,could be in the mind ,but works for me.

    Yeah, me too. I notice this on a number of my exercises.
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    RE: strentching 2005/07/27 00:41:04 (permalink)

    I agree totally with the comments of CTR1, i've just finished my final year in sports therapy at uni, and i completed my dissertation in this area. Dymanic exercise and 'practice' (or low weight sets) have been shown to increase power measurements, with static stretching decreasing power.

    Stretching should be purely a personal thing (purely because people have been told for as long as they can remember that static stretching prevents injury and helps, and trying to change this mode of thinking is near on impossible). There are people that will never suffer an injury in their lives and have never completed a warm up. However, scientific evidence would point towards decreasing static stretching during warm ups, and this is shown by the fact that there are very few professional teams in any sport that use static stretching these days during a warm up. I believe we in England are years behind the Aussies and Americans in this department!

    I would quite willingly place money on static stretching having no impact on injury prevention, you'd be much better off spending time working on your fitness, posture and technique, as these are areas that appear to be more likely to be linked to injuries. Fitness and muscle conditioning is a major factor, purely because fatigued muscle contract and become tighter, leaving them more vulnerable to injury.

    IMO, Static stretching is best left to post exercise and should also be used as a seperate training component, if it is felt this is needed. Strength training will also help to increase flexibility, for those that are interested! It's due to golgi tendon organs which cause the muscle to decrease it's tension to protect the muscle from injury, strength training obviously increasing tension in the muscles.

    To cut my long post short, stretch if you feel you need to, but i personally keep it to a minimum, unless i have a really tight muscle that is bugging me.
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