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2006/07/13 16:13:49 (permalink)


Do you sometimes think that you have a power of telepathy

know what someone is thinking before they actually come out and say it ?

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    RE: telepathy 2006/07/13 16:15:41 (permalink)
    I get that feeling quite often its freaky. Aint read into this though so not sure what its called.. maybe its a form of deja vu?
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    RE: telepathy 2006/07/13 16:20:15 (permalink)
    This is very common with me and people I am emotionally close to after spending lots of time with them. e.g. girlfriend while on holiday. It's as if you tune in to their wavelength and say what they are thinking or Vice versa (usually it's me though that says it) without any real obvious promt for it. I do think it's much more real than deja vu as it happens way too often to be chance and happens only around people I care about and spend a lot of time with.
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    de ja vu 2006/07/13 16:36:04 (permalink)
    I Knew you were gonna ask that!

    tbh I've always been one to pick up on things others overlook ,and have found myself able to read people
    but I don't think its beyond what cashman refers to

    In Ibiza I over indulged and I was hammered literally for days,why too hight
    at one point was so scared I would be this way permenatly,it was a real scary experaince

    but I was convinced I could read minds totally,after the intial buzz ,I tired to straighten up and sort my head out
    I sat and tried to rationalise it,in the end I said to myself ill try and predict peolple pyhsical action,as if they do something they first think it,
    given I'd read there mind I'd know split second before they did somehting

    but in my sad state it was futile and I only managed to convince myself further
    the human mind has too many complexitiys as it is,without adding more
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    RE: telepathy 2006/07/13 19:58:36 (permalink)
    i would hazard a guess this happens to people who have known eachother for long periods of time.but if you know what someone is thinking that you never met before i would read a few books mate.you could make loads of money lol
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