Thick Back Workout – Bodybuilding Exercises for Thickness

By Beau Radclyffe-Thomas

I had a great training session with British superheavyweight bodybuilding champion Daz Ball, a MuscleTalk sponsored athlete. I followed him through his back thickness workout, which he performs once a week and performs back width on a separate workout during the week. The workout was focused on thickening the back and adding depth by packing on thick strong muscle.

Bobybuilder with a muscular, thick back

The first exercise was T-bar rows, of which we performed 5 working sets, working our way up in plates, starting from 4 plates on the bar, adding a plate a set till a total of 9 x 20kg plates, rested on the bar. A V-bar handle was used, bringing the stack of plates up until the made contact with the waist. Reps started at around 15-20 and became less each set as the weight increased.

We then moved onto dumbbell rows on an incline bench, which involved lying face down on an incline bench, holding a dumbbell in each arm, the dumbbell was brought out way in front to stretch the lats and then powered back up in an arching movement to almost hip level, in doing so focusing on the lower lats. Three sets were performed with increasing weight each set.

The next exercise was a seated machine rows, focusing on stretching the lats at the bottom of each rep, then powering the weight up to a fully contracted position, again to develop thickness through the back. Four sets were performed with 8-15 reps each set.

The penultimate exercise was a reverse grip lat pulldown, on the lat pulldown machine. We sat with a shoulder width grip, hands facing towards us, and pulled the bar down to upper chest level, this focused the contraction on the upper back and traps area. Four sets were performed, Daz increased weight each set, and was pulling the entire stack on his final set.

We then finished with straight arm pulldowns on the cable machine, these were performed in FST-7 training style (7 sets with 30-45 seconds rest between each set), this was done to maximise the pump in the lats and engorge them with blood, both to aid recovery as well as to completely exhaust the muscle.

  • T-Bar Rows: 5 sets
  • Incline dumbbell rows: 3 sets
  • Machine rows: 4 sets
  • Reverse pulldowns: 4 sets
  • Straight arm pulldowns: 7 sets

Here’s the video of the workout:

In conclusion, adding some thickness to your back is not only achievable, but can be done with relative ease by incorporating the right bodybuilding exercises into your routine. By following this workout you can develop a thicker back and improve your overall physique. So what are you waiting for? Start working on that thick back today!

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