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trying to build up my arms, shoulders

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2005/07/20 22:53:08 (permalink)

trying to build up my arms, shoulders


i've started lifting again, and i've takin up kick boxing, and my goal is to get more power into my strikes, kicks, etc (i wanna gain weight, i'm not concerned about competiting)

i'm 18 years old, 5 10, and around 11 stone; pretty skinny build, and i'm gettin back into the lifting after a few months lay off (even tho i was only lifing seriously for a few weeks prior to this lay off -_- )

anyways, what's important now is gettin the most outta my lifting, so my kick boxing can benefit

i've been lifting on and off for the past few weeks, and when i do squats, it kills my legs... it really breaks down the muscle, my legs feel physically weak after, and my legs have grown a bit

however, after i do bench press, as soon as i rack the weight, i feel fine - not fatigued in the slighest... and my arms and shoulders are pretty skinny too, they haven't grown much, it's like the muscles are not responding to bench press, like the way my legs respond to squat

is this somethin i should be concerned about, i mean it kinda sucks, i think i just have poor arm/shoulder genetics... what else can i do to target those muscles besides bench press (although i've heard bench press is the no.1 exercise for upper body development! yet it hasn't done wonders for me :/ )

i'm thinking about doin military presses, but this would prolly overtrain my puney shoulders lol

so any advice on how to get my shoulders/arms up would be appreciated

PS. i sometimes don't eat a whole lot of cals, but the fact that my legs, and other bodyparts are growing means there isn't much reason for my arms and shoulders not to grow aswell


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    RE: trying to build up my arms, shoulders 2005/07/21 01:24:41 (permalink)
    Well the obvious proboblem here is that when you do a bench press, yes you are working your arms and shoulders to a point, but really that exercise is for the chest. The reason you are feeling more tired after the squats is because they simply take alot more out of the body to perform.

    Try adding barbell curls/ dumb bell curls to your workout.
    for shoulders. Shoulder presses, and front raises should help you with your punching power.
    If your legs are growing then their is no reason to believe that you havent got the genes to grow good strong arms.And stop thinking that way, otherwise you will convince yourself that youll NEVER have strong guns.
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    RE: trying to build up my arms, shoulders 2005/07/21 02:12:41 (permalink)
    Im a black belt at itf taekwondo, as well as a budding weight lifter. if you want to gain power in punching and striking, you must target the tricep. bench press is good, but you are better off lifting seperate dumbells (as our friend has already pointed out, the bench press is more chest orientated) (I do aobut 17.5-20 kg in each hand) on a flat bench. start with your palms facing your feet, and lift both weights up and to the centre.

    biceps look good, but are **** for martial arts.


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    RE: trying to build up my arms, shoulders 2005/07/21 03:22:06 (permalink)
    for martial arts, try tricep pushdowns/extensions, dips, chins, bent-over rows, and flyes. worked for my sensei.
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    RE: trying to build up my arms, shoulders 2005/07/21 04:45:26 (permalink)
    Big arms look good and you can have them if you work for them. But as for punching and kicking your POWER DOES NOT come from having big tri's and bi's. Maybe speed with conditioned bi's and tri's. But power DOES come from a strong mid section and strong legs. Take a look at any major league picher or most NFL quarter backs and you won't see big arms. You'll see alot of driving power from their legs and abs. Anyways on to arms.

    2 good drop sets on a preacher curl machine unless you have a spotter then use free weights.
    DB hammer curls 5x5
    Zottman curls 3x8-10

    Close grip bench 5x5
    Weighted dips 4x8 after the last set, shed the weight and knock some more
    V grip pully tri extensions 3x8-10

    Oh, and eat more!

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