trying to cut

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2015/01/24 14:39:16 (permalink)

trying to cut

first time iv been off steroids in a while, iv been of for about 3 months and in that time id really let myself go, diet was crap got a belly on me now. so trying to lose it by eating low carbs. a typical day wil consist of weights and light cardio. diet has been something like this
breakfast -cup of raw oats and 4 whole eggs
after workout- protein shake and banana
dinner- chicken stir fry or fish/meat and 2 veg 
snacks- peanuts and tbs peanut butter an orange
supper- tin tuna and apple
before bed- protein shake
im prob about 17 stone and body fat wud be above 20% have dieted before using meds and keto diet. worked well but trying to keep the carbs low and only getting them from good sources and fruit.
iv been eating alot of bread and takeaways last 3 months so im hoping by cutting them out i see a dramatic fatloss.
what do yous think of it.

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    Re: trying to cut 2015/01/25 10:31:20 (permalink)
    Cutting out take aways will definitely help. If energy levels start to suffer have some fruit and just see how you go.
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    Re: trying to cut 2015/02/13 07:15:11 (permalink)
    Xtreme deer antler is a all natural pre-workout supplement that is designed to get you stronger, bigger, and more cut. It can help you much in losing weight process.


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    Re: trying to cut 2015/03/14 19:30:25 (permalink)
    Don't think your getting in enough protein for breakfast, maybe have a chicken breast with some mushrooms/tomatoes/pepper/onions and make yourself an omelette. Tasty way of getting in some extra veg as well as I think it is lacking overall.
    You could possibly add in some extra quality fats like avocado, oily fish, flaxseed etc as you seem to be eating low fat and low carbs, keep your protein elevated as this will keep you more satiated. You could swop the orange and apple out for berries instead, or at least rotate them around day to day.
    Make sure your getting in some variation as well, different sources of carbs, fat and protein and definitely make sure your getting in a lot of veg.
    I personally don't think going straight into low carb is always the best way to go, the best way for you to start IMO would be to stick to single ingredient nutrient dense foods, that would naturally drop your calories down after stopping having takeaways etc. Then monitor weight and then drop cals be a sensible 8-10% at a time to get the fat loss moving again. The calories you have started at seem pretty low for a 17 st  bloke, just remember if you start off at low calories/low carb etc where are you going to go from there? You will make your diet become extremely difficult when it doesn't necessarily have to be.
    Just my 2p:) 
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    Re: trying to cut 2015/03/20 04:20:43 (permalink)
    Personally I prefer to stick to a flexible diet at the higher body fat levels and save keto for when im lower. Cutting out an entire macro group quite long term caused be to binge.


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