Ultimate 30-minute Skipping Rope Routine

If you’re starting to get bored with the standard at-home workouts that include air squats and lunges, you’re not alone! As we continue to explore ways to stay fit when we don’t have access to the gym, lifters everywhere are increasingly becoming more inventive and original. It’s true that a pair of dumbbells or a barbell across your back are surefire ways to get strong and build muscle, but did you know you can sculpt a lean physique with just a skipping rope?

Woman skipping outside doing an intense routine

If you don’t have a skipping rope, or if it’s been ages since you used one, now’s the perfect time to explore this portable and versatile at-home workout. Using a Skipping rope is one of the best full-body cardio workouts ever. And if you’re in a place where you need to stay inside, using a skipping rope in place of a run or a row is a perfect way to get your cardio in – all without leaving your house!

Skipping ropes help improve athletic agility, speed, and overall coordination – all useful skills in and out of the gym. If you really want a challenge, try using a weighted skipping rope for an added calorie burn and the chance to build some seriously sleep triceps and shoulders.

Before you begin this workout, make sure you understand the following:

  • Keep jumps as low to the ground as possible
  • Land gently on your feet
  • Keep your elbows close – maintain either a 90-degree angle or a 45-degree angle
  • Turn the rope with your wrists, not your arms! (If you’re using a weighted rope. Keep your forearms active so your wrists aren’t overly stressed.)

Here are the types of jumps you’ll perform in this workout:

  • Side straddle – Keep feet hip-width apart for one jump and then close together for the next jump. (Don’t worry if you can’t get this jump right away! It takes a lot of coordination.)
  • Skier – Keep your feet together and jump side to side during each rope rotation.
  • Double unders – Functional fitness athletes should be familiar with this jump, which challenges your skills and sleep. Do one jump for every two rotations of the rope. Speed is key here, so use your wrists to increase the movement of the rope.
  • Crisscross – Cross your forearms and perform a single jump. Then open your arms to normal position and do a single jump. Alternate.
  • High knees – bring one knee toward your chest with each rotation. Alternate knees during your jumps.

30-minute Skipping Rope Workout:


  • Fold your rope in half twice. Hold one end in each hand. Do 20 seconds of each:
  • Calf raises with rope held overhead.
  • Squats with rope overhead to start and then down at your shins as you lower to parallel
  • Walking lunges with rope overhead
  • Unfold the rope once. Bounce in place and swing the rope in a circle next to you. Switch sides and repeat.

Repeat this entire sequence three times.

Round One – Agility

  • 1-minute basic jumps
  • 30 seconds walkout pushups
  • 2 minutes side-straddle jumps
  • 30 seconds walkout pushups
  • 2 minutes side-straddle jumps
  • 1 minute burnout – move as fast as possible
  • 1 minute recovery


  • Make it easier – omit the pushups
  • Make it harder – do two pushups during each walkout.
  • During side-straddle jumps, move forward three counts, then backward three counts.

Round Two – Push to your limit

  • 1-minute basic jumps
  • 30 seconds squats with alternating front kicks. Perform a squat then kick right leg forward as you stand. Switch sides on the next squat.
  • 2 minutes skier jumps
  • 30 seconds squats with alternating front push kicks
  • 2 minutes skier jumps
  • 1-minute burnout jumps
  • 1-minute recovery


  • Make it easier – skip the front push kicks
  • Make it harder – Travel forward four counts and backward four counts during skier jumps.

Round Three – Freestyle

  • 1-minute jumps of any kind. Try double-unders, crisscross or high knees
  • 30 second shoulder taps in plank
  • 1 minute high knees
  • 30 second shoulder taps in plank
  • 1 minute crisscross
  • 30-second burpees
  • 1-minute skier jumps
  • 30-second burpees
  • 1-minute burnout jumps


  • Make it easier – skip the shoulder tap and just hold a plank.
  • Make it harder – do two pushups during the burpee


Make sure you perform static stretches after this workout. It’s going to leave you breathless and burning, so a good cooldown will help prevent delayed onset of muscle soreness.

This is an excellent workout that’s adaptable to all fitness levels. If you find that it’s too easy, you can easily add in another set, or try repeating the entire sequence two times.

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