weight loss tips

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2011/04/06 21:05:17 (permalink)

weight loss tips

Hi,  as the title say i'm looking for some pointers on weight loss.
I started exercising again around 8 weeks ago and have managed to loose a stone but in recent weeks i've hit a brick wall and can't seem to shift any more,so really just looking for some info in where i'm going wrong.
I'm 5'6 ,weight 12 stone and have a bit of a gut ,i'm not a big eater but probably eat all the wrong things,my biggest problem is i'm a fussy eater,i don't eat chicken ,fish  (apart from tuna) and red meat unless mince,eat plenty fruit,veg,rice's and pasta,my daily intake is normally;
breakfast -  fruit and fibre cereal with semi skim milk,banana or low fat yogurt
lunch - salads or tuna on bread or pitta
dinner - usually veg with rice or pasta,fruit or low fat yogurt
I'm not one for snacking in between but if i do its usually bread or crisp's but not very often,i cycle around 15 mile 4 or 5 times a week takes me around half an hour and according to my monitor i burn around 500 calories.
Any help is appreciated thanks Graeme

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    Re:weight loss tips 2011/04/07 12:25:58 (permalink)
    Hi Graeme,

    I have lost and put on weight more times that I can remember, the thing that motivates me is the fact that I know how good i can look when i get my act together.

    My tips are as follows.

    I used to take a strong ECA that had all kinds of bad stuff in it, I currently take this http://www.myprotein.com/uk/products/thermopure

    Its not as "mad" as some I have taken in the past but its kind on mass.

    Here is my main tips for weight loss.

    Workout in the morning (cardio) , takes a total mental change but it works, I find running helps and also swimming (although i dont swim in the morning, my local pool is freezing)

    Stretch, alot of people swear by yoga so do your own type of yoga, just stretch and hold it, does not need to be (yoga - like) just any old crap.

    Get a chin-up bar..... I find this works for a few reasons, it stimulates you and reminds you everytime you look at it that you have a job to do. Couple up/down everytime you pass it (bedroom door so you cant avoid it)

    Plank before bed, 2 x 1 min is not gonna kill you but i find this works also.

    Everyone as their own little ways, I also find (and this is a weird one) stand infront of a mirror and put you hands on your buttocks. Press in and tense up, this will give you a little indication how your doing.

    This method can also be usefull for giving yourself a "pump up"

    anyway just re-registered (my old username was back in 2008)

    hope that is of some help

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    Re:weight loss tips 2011/04/07 12:45:32 (permalink)
    You're not eating enough food at all , this is why your weightloss has stalled.
    Have a look on there for some ideas
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    Re:weight loss tips 2011/04/07 13:58:18 (permalink)
    I think that's what it is, your cycling 15 miles 4 times a week and yet your intake is probably why low for your calorific needs. I bet you when you start eatting more, you will start losing again.
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