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2014/11/14 09:57:01 (permalink)

what grinds your gears?

those dance music compilation albums - 'this years biggest dance hits' then they call it clubbing/clubbers guide whatever - 2015!!!! why???? we're not even in that frigging year yet!!!
fat girls who think they're 'curvy' - yet wouldn't even look at a 'curvy' guy
what grinds your gears???

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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 10:12:18 (permalink)
Cling film that doesn't cling!

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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 10:20:56 (permalink)
People in shops and pubs etc who don't know what they want and take forever faffing about without giving the slightest consideration to the fact that there are others waiting. I have long been of the opinion that there should be a separate queue in these places stating "slow dithering indecisive cnuts queue her please".
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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 10:34:51 (permalink)
Not being able to cancel your mobile phone contract in store.  Others are talking to people, going out, Im sure I ll be back with more. 
I am a nice bloke though.

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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 10:43:39 (permalink)
other people populating the earth, eating my food and stealing my air
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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 11:04:35 (permalink)
People with speech impediments, particularly the 'r' one that sounds like someone gargling.

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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 11:09:11 (permalink)
People that stop at the top of escalators, people that take forever getting cash out of a cashpoint, people that drive like nobs.

Just people really.
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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 11:19:40 (permalink)
Curvy guys lol. 'Curves are beautiful!'

Food packets that you can't open without scissors depsite them having an 'easy open seal'.

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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 11:29:50 (permalink)
Probably easier to list what doesn't but here goes:
Further hatred here for the Curves sentiment. 
Poor customer service 
Unnecessary Rudeness/ Tardiness
Tax (Dont mind the principle but hate the application) 
Being called Ginger on account of I have slight red in my beard never mind my hair is really mid/dark brown
Tinder, POF etc Get a grip you sado's and pick up a chick in the cold heart light of day
People who train occasionally offering pearls of wisdom
Body shots when boxing
My anal fissure fcking thing won't heal
NHS inefficiency
Xmas adverts in November 
Xmas adverts in December with dying children
People who moan about their lives but do **** all to help themselves
People who talk incessantly about Googlebox or X Factor
Fat people
Wasps there is just no point in them
People who over feed pets/gfs
Football again like the concept just don't like the application.
Boxing/MMA the best fighters not fighting each other
Mental Health either those who milk it and make everyone think that people with it are just soft lazy etc or those who genuinely have it not being treated right
Being made to feel bad that you earn decent money.
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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 11:37:49 (permalink)
Xmas adverts in December with dying children
Watching Only Fools and Horses on Gold.  Its on for five minutes.
You then hear click click. put something funny on
You are then greeted with a dying child.
I dont have sky anymore

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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 13:46:43 (permalink)
My lower back at the moment (niggle that won't seem to go away)
Rude customer service. I'm giving you money that pays your wages, I have also said thank you, so I think it's only fair you do the same!
X Factor
Made In Chelsea
All other reality TV
Power companies who can't work out your bill properly, or not down a meter reading
My lower back
My lower back
My lower back!
I'll add a few more later
Edit: some more...
People talking about the 'new Xmas adverts' like it's some tradition that has been going for years. ****ing donkeys
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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 13:58:15 (permalink)
I have so many but my latest one is something thats has recently started and thats people who think they are really cool/intelligent by starting sentences with the word So.......

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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 14:02:03 (permalink)
not using the clutch! ;)
at the moment my er5 - keep thinking I've fixed the charging issue - keep ending up stuck with a non working bike!

I never use my indicators, I don't like people knowing what I'm up to
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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 16:09:54 (permalink)
rudeness, lateness, inefficiency, wastage

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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 16:28:15 (permalink)
Boy/girl groups calling themselves "a band"

TOWIE, hollyoaks etc and the fact my mrs watches them

People in the cinema who either; wont shut the **** up, sit near me when theres virtually a whole cinema empty or sit in front of me.

Also the fact the cheryl ' the toilet thug' cole (or whatever her name is these days) actually has a singing career and has the cheek to mime on a show where she criticises peoples live singing


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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 16:46:32 (permalink)
People who don't look where they're walking/take up the whole pavement.
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Re: what grinds your gears? 2014/11/14 16:53:33 (permalink)
My wife.
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Re: 2014/11/14 16:53:54 (permalink)
People in the 19th century. Get with the programme. It's called an automobile. It's much faster than a horse.
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Re: 2014/11/16 17:27:53 (permalink)
People who take up the whole aisle, whilst pretending they can't notice you waiting to go past.
Seriously winds me up, going to snap one day.
People that are self centered.
People that do nothing but whine all day.
People that are two faced.
People that are judgmental.
Sure there's more, might have to amend this list, anyway just people in general wind me up.
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Re: 2014/11/16 17:41:29 (permalink)
People who don't say Please and Thank you.
People who over estimate themselves while grossly under estimating those around them.
How its legal for supermarkets to sell 15 bottles of Stella for £8 and 20 for £14 on a permanent basis.  This is unfair exploitation of thick people.
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