which one??

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2007/06/20 19:24:44 (permalink)

which one??

need a program for mass building all parts of body (especially chest and arms) i know theres a link to a million and 1 programs on here but which one do you thinks best for me??i cant understand some of them??

any help would be most appreciated!
at the mo working

monday:back(12sets), rear delts(4sets) and traps(4sets)
bb row
dead lift
chinups or some sort of pulldown
rear cable flys
bb shrugs

tue:delts front and side(12sets)bicep(4sets)
military press
sitting side raise
arnold press
bb curl


thur:chest(12 sets) and tricep(8sets)
incline db press
bb chest press
incline db fly
decline skull crusher
close grip bench press

fri:bicep(8sets) and legs(8sets)
single arm preacher curls
wide grip bb curl
leg extension


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    RE: which one?? 2007/06/20 19:42:08 (permalink)
    If you want something laid out for you then the one in this link would be a good start: www.muscletalk.co.uk/newsletter-0307.aspx

    Keeping everything heavy and using basic free weight compound lifts...

    ...add that together with a diet to suit and adequate rest and you should be well on your way to building some mass!
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    RE: which one?? 2007/06/20 20:58:15 (permalink)
    yeah thanks for that looks good.given my own one, one last go any good now??
    max 9 sets per body part.mostly compound a few iso's

    monday:back(9sets), rear delts(4sets)
    bb row 8,8,6
    dead lift 8,8,6
    chinups or some sort of pulldown 8,8,6
    rear cable flys 8,8,6,4

    tue:delts front and side(9) calf(4) traps (4)
    sitting side raise 8,8,6
    arnold press 8,8,6
    Calf Raise 15,15,15,15
    bb shrug 8,8,6,4


    thur:chest(11 sets) and tricep(6sets)
    incline db press 8,8,6,4
    bb chest press 8,8,6,4
    incline db fly 8,8,6
    decline skull crusher 8,8,6
    close grip bench press 8,8,6

    fri:bicep(7sets) and legs(8sets)
    bb curl 8,8,6,4
    single arm preacher curls 8,8,6
    squat 8,8,6,4
    leg extension 8,8,6,4
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    RE: which one?? 2007/06/22 14:12:11 (permalink)
    work the largest muscles first, use compounds to build mass.
    eg, back would go.
    pullups,bb row

    legs, squat leg ext, sldl , rev curl, calves.
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    RE: which one?? 2007/06/22 14:42:38 (permalink)
    My arms are my lagging body parts to.

    I recently switched to training tris with back and bis with chest.
    3/4 days inbetween those sessions and they've growing better than they ever have.
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