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working out, dieting, but gaining weight

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2014/12/08 13:32:41 (permalink)

working out, dieting, but gaining weight

okay so for the last 2 years I've literally eaten absolute s**t foods, fizzy drinks, deep fried foods, crisps, anything bad for me I ate it, I was working in a very busy cafe so was constantly on my feet, two months ago I started a new job where I just sit all day so obviously in them two months I've gained 7lbs. so two weeks ago I joined the gym something I've never done before, I do a good session 3 days a week with a body conditioning class 1 day a week, I've completely cleaned up my diet no golden foods and no sugary drinks, but I stepped on the scales yesterday and was very disappointed to see that I've gained a further 3lbs, how is this possible when I'm working out more than I ever have done before and eating better than before? I'm a 23 year old female and weigh 9St 1lb, a week later I've added a body sculpting class on to my routine and a harder cardio session, stepped on the scales and yet again another 3lbs up, a total of 11lbs in two months, I just don't understand how this is happening, so disheartening.

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    Re: working out, dieting, but gaining weight 2014/12/10 17:38:54 (permalink)
    Hello and welcome to MT
    Its good to read that you have cleared out all the junk food and going to the gym/classes. If you are consuming alot of water (and depending when you weigh yourself) this could be responsible for a slight weight increase.
    It also depends on how much you are eating, if you are eating more cals than you need then there will be a weight gain.
    Post up you're current diet and routine then we can make some suggestions. 

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    Re: working out, dieting, but gaining weight 2014/12/11 06:45:26 (permalink)
    Well it's a possibility you could be gaining muscle but then again I'm not your personal trainer and I'd have to see you in person to make that determination.  Don't be deceived by the scale.  If you're looking for results, look in the mirror, not to the scale.  Remember when gaining lean muscle there's a possibility you can put on weight and in some cases it happens to women as they workout and eat higher protein.
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    Re: working out, dieting, but gaining weight 2014/12/17 15:23:25 (permalink)
    Hi and welcome!
    I have worked with scales before when I was trying to lose weight, when I spoke with a few people in the industry, they advised me to throw the scales away, and just do regular photo's!
    The first photo, choose a day, time and position in the house with good natural lighting. Stand in your underwear and face a long mirror. Take a photo front on, then side on, then if you can, from the back.
    The second photo can be in 2-3 weeks in the same position, and time of day etc. 
    Then just compare the 2. You 'should' notice a physical change depending on your diet and the type of training you are doing.
    As Robert said, you may be retaining water as you may be drinking alot more due to keeping yourself hydrated with the amounts of training you are doing.
    I would advise taking photo's rather than going by what the scales say, as you have said, it becomes disheartening.
    If you wanted to join in on the Muscle Talk January Shape Up Competition, this may help you keep track and get you in the routine of taking photo's. It's a very supportive community within the competition and all over the MuscleTalk forum. Some users take the opportunity to write a progress journal documenting everything they do etc.
    Just a little advice there :) 
    Hope that helps!
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    Re: working out, dieting, but gaining weight 2014/12/23 13:58:46 (permalink)
    Agreed go by mirror not scales
    my gf is losing weight or fat i guessting, on the scales not much difference but looks wise loads of difference
    post your diet up here lots of helpfull people here that can guide u 
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