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workout routine suggestion

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2005/07/29 02:16:39 (permalink)

workout routine suggestion

hey guys, i used to lift weights at home for 2years but im not satisfied with the result so i enrolled in a gym. the instructor gave me a basic routiune which they give to all their clients. however, i dont want to have a body similar to that of a bodybuilder (with v-shaped torso) i just want to acheive the ancient greek form, the ones they carve out statues made of marble. i do not have a clue however how to do this. can you please suggest a workout plan for me? thanks!

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    RE: workout routine suggestion 2005/07/29 09:05:18 (permalink)
    From the sounds of it, u have a lot of work to do. I wouldn't worry about the whole v taper at this point, just worry about putting on mass.

    That being said, ur workouts are just a small part of obtaining ur goals. The real results will come from a correct diet. You will go nowhere without this. Check out the diet forum and learn as much as possible over there...

    As for working out, there are some good routines at the top of the forum. A lot of people like Frankie's 5x5 (posted as a sticky at the top of the forum). I personally like the articles written by Chad Waterbury at (search for his name and you can find a lot of good info). I am currently doing a routine of his at the following website:;jsessionid=EF1F7B9C6F75B683D9950ADE025354DB.hydra?id=693794

    240lbs @ 13% bf

    Squats -- 475lbs
    Deadlifts -- Romanian DL (only ones I can do with an injured back) -- 150lbs dumbells
    Bench -- 325lbs
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    RE: workout routine suggestion 2005/07/30 03:32:36 (permalink)
    thanks man!
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    RE: workout routine suggestion 2005/07/31 08:45:56 (permalink)
    Just lift heavy man! Yeah, try Frankies 5x5 - i'm doing it and the gains are FANTASTIC! except i've hit a wall at 15 weeks.

    Chad Waterbury is at the top of his game. He knows what he's talking about also and scan t-nation for his articles. I found Frankies great for building a base - maybe Chad's are better once that base is built.

    You want the herculean look eh We all want to look like Zeus bro.

    Also, the statues in ancient Greece were of Gods - they were probably made to look unaturally superior and perfect; afterall, they were Gods and we, well, we, are not.
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    RE: workout routine suggestion 2005/07/31 19:58:29 (permalink)
    i've done the same mate. worked out at home and got minimal results. went joined a gym, never been so muscular. my routine:

    3x per week.
    flat bench press 4x6-8 heavy as poss
    dumbell flyes 3x8
    incline press on smith machine 2/3x8
    pec dec using palms on pads 3x8-10
    skull crushers with ez bar 3x6 heavy as poss
    tri pull down 3x8-10

    ez arm curls 3x6-8 heavy as poss
    incline bench dumbell curls 3x6 heavy as poss
    one arm preacher curls (i use back of inclined bench) 2x8-10
    bent over row with ez bar 3x8-10 (between sets do 8 reps upright row with a lighter weight barbell)
    lat pull down 3x8 heavy as poss
    seated row 3x8-10
    ez shrugs 3x10 straight up/down 10xcircular (so 20 shrugs before putting bar down)

    military press machine 3x8 heavy as poss
    dumbell military press 3x6-8
    lateral raises 3x6-8
    anterior raises 3x6-8
    45 degree leg press machine 3x8-10 heavy as poss

    hope it all helps. you need to lift heavy as you can between 4-10 reps to get best effects apparantly. the reason: when you say a muscular person is ripped, it's because when you lift heavy you get micro tears in your muscles which grow back stronger. and i think you goin for ''mens health look'' yeah? this should help. mix with a good diet (ask for mine if you like) and sleep like a baby.

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