would like to hear your opinion

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2005/08/05 17:08:13 (permalink)

would like to hear your opinion


First post here. I've been reading the forums for a while and finally decided to register.

I started training about 2 years ago, lifted for a year, went to college, lost pretty much all of my gains, and started lifting seriously again 2 months ago. I've seen a lot of gains in the past 2 months but just wanted some input in how/if i could tweak my routine and diet.

Day 1: Chest/Triceps
Flat Bench Press: 1x8, 1x6, 1x4, 1x2, 1x8
Incline Bench: 3x8
decline bench: 3x8
Flys: 3x8
Tricep Dips (try to stay upright): 3x10
Tricep Pulldowns: 3x10
Skullcrushers: 3x10
15-min jog

Day 2: Shoulders/Traps/Legs
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x10
Standing Upright Rows(?) (bring bar to neck): 4x8
Dumbbell Shrugs: 5x10
Lateral Dumbbell Raises: 3x 10
Calf Raises: 3x10
Leg Extensions: 3x10
Hamstring Curls: 3x10
Squats: 4x8

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Biceps/Back
Chins 3x8 (til failure)
Weighted Row Machine: 4x8
Reverse Fly: 3x8
Bent over dumbbell lifts to chest: 2x8 each arm
Dumbbell Curls 2x10
Hammer Curls: 2x10
Preacher Curls EZ Bar (inside grip): 2x8
Preacher Curls (outside grip): 2x8
15-min jog

Day 5: Abs/Lower Back/Run
Inclined crunches 2x30
Weighted Inclined oblique side-sides 2x40
Inclined weighted crunches (w/ball) 2x15
Hyperextensions 3x10
40 min jog (slower pace)

Day 6: Rest

I've been eating a clean diet (ie about 200g protein a day, 200g carbs (try to eat only wholewheat and complex carbs), 60g fat), lots of tuna, chicken, turkey, whole wheat pitas, whey protein, vegetables. I stopped drinking soda and fruit juice altogether, only water now.

My goal so far has been to increase strength/power, but not put on fat (ideally trim down) and increase speed. I'm gonna get back into rugby come school again, so i wanted to be in good shape (also look good for the ladies )

Anyway, i also had a few questions that i haven't seen addressed on the board.

First, i've read multiple reports that say eating large amounts of tuna (and other predatory fish) is bad for health due to high mercuric concentrations. i eat about 5 cans a week and i've seen that people on MT eat as much as 15 a week. I was wondering if anyone or knows anyone who's had problems with this.

Also, I know that alcohol is the bane of muscle gain, but i love to drink (have tried to stay away from it thsi summer) and will drink more when i get back to school. Does it make a difference to drink vodka instead of beer, or light beer vs regular beer (ie guinness vs some crappy light beer). And does anyone know if smoking weed is detrimental to muscle gain?

Finally, i bought GNC megamen sport multivitamins earlier this week as advised by the saleperson (who for once actualy seemed knowledgable). He told me that it has a lot of good stuff like BCAA's (250mg) and some natural extracts. I just wanted to hear your opinion on the importance of multivitamins and if i made a good choice in buying it .

Sorry for the longwinded post.



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    RE: would like to hear your opinion 2005/08/05 18:26:16 (permalink)
    There are a couple of things about your routine I would change firstly I would make squats the first leg exercise. I don't think you need so many sets for arms, they are likely to become over trained IMO sticking to basics is the best way to add both size and strength i.e OHP, dips, bench press, squats, deads etc If your goal is to get stronger then you should adjust your rep range so that you are doing sets of 5 reps at the most. Mult-vits are optional IMO they are unlikely to cause harm, but are no substitute for fruit and veg.
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