yoijimbo's (this will make me train) journal

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2004/03/23 15:27:56 (permalink)

yoijimbo's (this will make me train) journal

Ok, Been a member of this site for a while and thought I'd use this to kick start me back into the gym after having a few months off.

My current stats are

height - 5'11
Weight - 12.5 stone (not sure what that is in kilos)

I'll measure my biceps etc.. etc.. and post some pics up when i get home. (no making fun of the hairy chest.... lol

Am looking at bulking up. Have used gear in the past but am going to do this natural.

i was thinking of doing Frankies Push, Pull, legs routine but will go for the 4 day split that has been posted up here before.

Monday - Chest & triceps
Wednesday - Legs
Thursday - Back and biceps
Saturday - Shoulders / abs

In the off days i may do some cardio / abs work.

my diet is as follows (i know i can improve on this)

07:00 - Protoplex MRP shake
10:30 - Bacon and roasted veg sandwich and another shake
13:00 - Whatever the sandwich shop do normally something with rice.
15:30 - MRP shake
19:00 - Toast with peanut butter / pate
21:00 - pasta or another type of meal

Anyway, this journal is mainly for me to see my progress and for others to tell me to get off my ass and train if i ever feel like i can't be bothered.

Feel free to pick apart anything, tell me what to train on more etc.. etc..

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    RE: yoijimbo's (this will make me train) journal 2004/03/28 03:49:14 (permalink)
    you could greatly improve that diet of yours.......

    at least your eating frequently.....thats ok

    i dont think you're eating that great though.....how much protein are you getting, and how many cals......theres no fruit, and a bit of veg....you should try to use the following for sources

    p: tuna, oily fish, chicken, turkey, leen beef, steak, eggs, whey, casein, skim milk, cottage cheese, etc...

    c.c: potatoes, yams, oats, wholemeal bread and pasta, brown rice, etc...

    g.f: flax, olive oil, oily fish, nuts and natural peanut butter, etc...

    i think you should stick to the 3 day split, especially the Frankie/J5 routine...stick to one day abs...

    if you're bulking, maybe you shouldnt overdo the cardio....get your diet cleaned up first....that makes a difference...and the cardio can interfere with muscle build....

    so where r the pics, lol....i wont make fun.....[:p]
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    RE: yoijimbo's (this will make me train) journal 2004/03/28 16:16:41 (permalink)
    good on ya mate for startin a journal now u'll be able to look at wot typa progress ur makin, i see ur usin a similar split to wot cashman recommends in his routine, it would be good to see the selection of exercises.
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