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Best Free Standing Punch Bag UK Reviews

Do you want to know the great thing about punch bags?

They won’t hit you back.

And you have to admit, sometimes all you need to release your anger and stress is to punch something. As hard as you can.

You’ll also get a phenomenal workout in the process since boxing challenges your body and delivers a heart-pounding and sweat drenching workout every time.

A free standing punch bag - Bob the boxing dummy

But punch bags aren’t just for your avid boxer.

Free standing punching bags are excellent for anyone who wants to achieve amazing results, without having to install a hanging bag into their home.

If boxing at home sounds like an exciting way to stay in shape and release stress, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn more about free standing punch bags, cardio-based boxing, and how to select the best one for home-usage.

Editor's Choice
Century BOB

Century BOB

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Best Value
Gallant 5.5 ft Free Standing Punch Bag

Gallant 5.5 ft Free Standing Punch Bag

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RDX KARA XXL 6ft Free Standing Punch Bag

RDX KARA XXL 6ft Free Standing Punch Bag

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Dripex Adult and Kids Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

Dripex Adult and Kids Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

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Gallant 6ft Free Standing Punching Bag

Gallant 6ft Free Standing Punching Bag

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Max Strength Pedestal Punch Bag

Max Strength Pedestal Punch Bag

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VIPER Boxing Free Standing Heavy Duty Punch Bag

VIPER Boxing Free Standing Heavy Duty Punch Bag

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Free Standing Punching Bag Reviews

Editor's Choice
Century BOB

The Century BOB (Body Opponent Bag) is an overall great product, made for various forms of fighting. However, it stands out as being one of the best options for practising self-defence if you’re interested in learning how to protect yourself in case of a surprise physical altercation.


While the upfront investment for the BOB may seem high at first, you’ll understand why after reading all of the great benefits that come with this impressive product by Century.

It’s meant to last years, and best of all, this product is insanely versatile. Anyone in your household can use it, whether they are an avid boxer or not.

Throw on some gloves and practice your sparring, or teach your family members some valuable self-defence moves. We love all of the endless possibilities this punching bag provides you with, and even past users can state that the BOB is well worth the cost if want a more realistic experience.

Its only downside? The design of the base needs some work, and the product may sway from side to side if you’re throwing hard punches back to back. Definitely fill this with sand rather than water and you’ll appreciate the difference.

Things We Like
  • Seven height adjustments
  • Realistic human body appearance makes it great for practising fighting and self-defence
  • 122 kg when filled
  • Can be used with or without gloves
Things we don’t like
  • Pricier option

If you’re on the shorter size, need a smaller bag, or just want to save a bit of money, the Gallant 5.5 ft Free Standing Bag is a smart alternative to their 6ft version. It has all the same perks at a reasonable price point.


While the base may not be the sturdiest (it possesses some of the same issues as the 6ft version), this is a great punch bag for someone who is trying boxing out for the first time. It’s reasonably priced, comes in many different and eye-catching designs, and is easy to assemble.

It’s crafted from PU leather, and also comes with labelled targets on certain designs. While you will need a hefty amount of sand to secure the base, past users have stated that this is overall an exceptional product for the price.

Things We Like
  • Multiple creative designs to choose from
  • Suction cups on the bottom to keep it from moving
  • The narrow base makes storage painless and easy
  • Shock-absorbing 5 cm thick foam
  • Decently priced
  • Heavy bag weighing in at 24 kg


Things we don’t like
  • Weaker base
  • May not be the best choice for more serious athletes or professionals


The RDX KARA XXL 6ft Free Standing Punch Bag is a heavyweight champion for serious athletes seeking a robust training partner. Standing at an impressive 183cm, this punch bag offers an unparalleled height, perfect for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and more. The Maya Hide leather surface, infused with anti-rip PU material is designed for durability.

The jolt-dampening base, fillable with sand or water, provides stability and prevents excessive swaying. The hybrid precision target mapping adds a layer of innovation to your training, allowing for diverse boxing and kickboxing combinations. The patent-pending Octa Truss Suction Base, lower protector, and 3cm thick absolute impact diffusion foam contribute to the bag's stability, protection, and impact absorption.

The package includes a water-resistant cover for all-weather protection.


The RDX KARA XXL 6ft Free Standing Punch Bag offers an unmatched training experience with its towering height, stability-enhancing features, and durable construction. Users appreciate the innovative design, impact absorption capabilities, and the inclusion of a water-resistant cover for added protection. While a rare case of missing parts was reported, the overall consensus is positive, making it a recommended choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile freestanding punching bag.

Things We Like
  • Impressive height (183cm) for an extensive striking surface.
  • Patented OCTA TRUSS suction base provides exceptional stability.
  • Hybrid precision target mapping for diverse training.
  • Durable construction with Maya Hide leather and anti-rip PU material.
  • 3cm thick Absolute Impact Diffusion Foam for impact absorption.
  • Includes a water-resistant cover for protection.


Things we don’t like
  • Limited height adjustment options may not cater to all user preferences.


Did you know boxing is also a fun and stimulating sport for children as well as adults? The makers of the Dripex Bag sure did.

They make a version of their durable and dependable bag in a kid-friendly size too, so your little one can burn off some of that seemingly endless energy at home.


Purchase one for yourself, or for your child to use – it’s a great bag for all the family to use.

Dripex sells this bag in two sizes, so even your child can enjoy the benefits of a tough but satisfying boxing infused workout.

This punch bag by Dripex isn’t going anywhere no matter how hard you hit. It weighs 182 pounds when filled with sand, and 137 when filled with water. There are also 12 suction cups installed onto the bottom of the bag, so you can get lost in your workout without having to worry about it flying around the room. Purchase the Dripex if you want to do anything from boxing with your kids, to having something that can take even the strongest of hits.

Things We Like
  • Eco-friendly fabric buffer
  • Heavy construction
  • Has 12 strong suction cups tethering it to your floor
  • Classic ‘pill-shaped’ design
Things we don’t like
  • Weaker suction cups

This punching bag by Gallant is excellent for beginners. It’s sturdy enough to last years. The bag also has numbered targets conveniently placed on its face for beginners. Learn different kinds of combos all on your own.


When it comes down to it, the design of the Gallant 6ft Free Standing Punching Bag is what makes this product stand out. It’s a brilliant bag for those that do martial arts – it’s wide enough to support your hardest hits and kicks, yet it’s narrow enough to make storing it a breeze.

Things We Like
  • Numbered targets
  • A good option for taller individuals
  • Suction cups on the bottom to keep it from moving
  • The narrow base makes storage painless and easy
  • Shock-absorbing 5 cm thick foam on the outside
  • Easy to put together


Things we don’t like
  • Weaker base
  • Not the best choice for advanced athletes or professionals

Highlights of the Max Strength Pedestal Punch Bag include its eco-sourced material and beginner-friendly interface. Learn some of the most complicated combos, with the help of the numbered targets on the bag.


If you have reservations towards purchasing a real leather bag, the Max Strength Pedestal Punch Bag is a great alternative. It’s sourced from eco-friendly synthetic leather, meaning it’s a great option for any environmentally conscious individuals out there. It’s also a savvy choice for beginners since there are numbered targets on the face of the bag, making it easy to master some more complicated moves.

It sits at a moderate price point and checks off all the boxes when it comes to accommodating all of your basic needs— like decent resistance and durable suction cups at the base of the bag.

Things We Like
  • Made using eco-friendly synthetic leather
  • Numbered targets
  • Removable suction cups
  • Beginner-friendly bag


Things we don’t like
  • Can wobble when hit with large amounts of force

The VIPER provides a lot of value at an impressive price point. You’ll receive additional accessories with your purchase to help you get started on the right track.


The VIPER Boxing Bag is on the shorter side, making it ideal for ladies, smaller individuals and junior boxers.

There are only a handful of downsides. The hole meant for loading sand is tiny, making the base challenging to fill. Secondly, the size is limited. The gloves included with your purchase are smaller, so you may need to invest in your own if they do no fit comfortably.

The base is prone to leaking, so use sand instead of water to avoid this issue and make the punch bag feel more substantial. Overall, this is a great value and perfect for the new boxer, looking to dive headfirst into the sport. This bag will no doubt set anyone up for success.

Things We Like
  • Comes with a set of VIPER boxing gloves
  • High-quality skipping rope included with purchase
  • Great value for the price
  • Attractive price point


Things we don’t like
  • Boxing gloves included with purchase are on the smaller side
  • Difficult to fill the base
  • May not be suitable for taller individuals


What is a Free Standing Punch Bag?

A free standing punching bag is an excellent alternative to a hanging bag. It requires little to no installation, yet is sturdy enough to handle any kind of boxing workout. The base of a free standing punching bag is usually filled with sand, or water to keep it upright. The top half is made from comfortable synthetic leather, so even beginners can quickly learn how to box like the pros.

What Can You Use It For?

Boxing is an invigorating workout that combines strength and cardio. It’s not for the faint of heart since it requires constant and rapid movement, but it can yield incredible results.

Learning how to box will take some dedication if you’ve never tried it. But you just need a couple of weeks to learn the basics. You’re sure to find it rewarding, regardless of your level of fitness or experience.

It’s also a mental workout since the sport requires you to be both mentally and physically engaged at all times.

Bag work is brilliant for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), standard boxing training, self defence and, of course, weight loss.

Pros & Cons of a Free Standing Bag

There are, of course, pros and cons when it comes to buying free standing bags. Here is a quick rundown of the benefits and negatives, so you can make the best and most informed decision when purchasing your new piece of equipment.

The Pros

They are easy to install

Pro hanging punch bags require you to hang the bag from your ceiling. However, if you don’t consider yourself a handy person, you may worry about the potential damage to your home. A free standing heavy bag, on the other hand, does not require any sort of installation, making it an appealing choice for anyone who wants to start dabbling in boxing right away.

Anyone can learn how to box with one

While learning a new sport can be intimidating at first, anyone can quickly learn and implement the boxing basics into their routine within a couple of weeks. There are only two requirements when purchasing one. You must possess a willingness to get fit and have an adequate amount of space in your home gym.

Working out with a good bag is a full-body workout

While it’s safe to assume boxing is just an upper body workout, you’ll be glad to learn that this is just a misconception. It can work the core and legs if you’re practising the right moves.

Free standing bags are easier to move around

Another plus? You can move your free standing bag around your home, so you never have to commit to a specific spot. You can also put it into storage when it’s not in use.

The Cons

Free standing punch bags are not as sturdy as a traditional hanging heavy bag

Unfortunately, free standing bags are not as supported as traditional heavy bags that are designed to hang, meaning they’ll move around more. Especially when you’re delivering sharp blows and kicks.

You must fill the bag yourself

Since free standing punching bags do not come pre-filled, you’ll have to do the work yourself and pour either sand or water into the base before getting started.

Cheaper free standing punching bags don’t hold up as long

If you choose to purchase a more economical bag, it may not last very long. If you’re an avid boxer or can see yourself using your punch bag often, it’s best to invest in a higher quality bag or swap it out every couple of years.

What to Look for When Buying a Free Standing Punch Bag

There is a free standing punching bag out there for everyone. To narrow it down, here’s what you should look for when buying one.

The base material

Below, you will find punch bags who’s stands can be filled with either sand or water. While water is easier and more readily available, sand is typically sturdier, heavier and will not leak out of the base.

The weight of the bag

Take your current strength and experience with boxing into consideration. This ties into the next feature you should watch out for—the weight of the bag.

If you have more experience, you’re better off investing in a more substantial bag. These are meant for stronger individuals. They won’t move around as much; however, they are usually pricier.


Nearly anyone can learn some boxing technique on their own.

And after learning more about the benefits behind the activity, who wouldn’t want to take it up? Boxing training can help you lose weight, increase the strength of your upper and lower body, and best of all—help you reduce your stress levels.

You just need one tool to get started—a punch bag that can withstand your blows.

While you can purchase a hanging punch bag to use, a free standing version is easier to set up, doesn’t need strong supports, and can provide you with a killer boxing based workout.

While this list contains some of the best free standing punching bags you may be struggling to narrow down your search. If that’s the case then consider the following couple of recommendations.

If you’re experienced in the sport or feel you need something heavy-duty to withstand the beating you are going to give it, go for the Century BOB punch bag. It’s an amazing bit of kit and proved it’s worth with countless boxers.

If you’re just starting out and want to save some money—but desire to get those boxer’s arms you’ve always wanted—the VIPER Bag is one of your best options. It is a blend of both quality and value. Regardless of what you pick, we’ve compiled this list of best sellers on the web, so you’re set and ready to start boxing to look and feel better, no matter your final decision.

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