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Best Inversion Table

Exercise and diet play a vital role in fitness and wellness.

But have you ever considered how important rest and recovery are as well?

Experts say the body needs adequate rest to recover from strenuous exercise. This can take the form of receiving sufficient sleep every night. Or taking a day or two off from the gym every week.

Man using an inversion table

However, you can take your recovery a step further and give your muscles, joints, and entire body the care it deserves. Inversion therapy may help relieve an aching back, increase your flexibility, and strengthen your spine.

It just requires one main tool—an inversion table. If you’re currently in the market for an inversion table or just want to learn more about the benefits associated with using one at home, continue reading.

Our Top Picks at a Glance

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What is an Inversion Table?

Inversion therapy is a therapeutic method of relieving excess muscle strain and low back pain. It involves hanging upside down or lying at an inverted angle to help decompress the spine. All you need to get started is an inversion table.

It allows you to safely hang upside down or at an inverted angle to decompress the spine and provide relief. An inversion table resembles a stretcher and has thick padding to hold your feet in place.

Getting in is simple.

You buckle yourself in and insert your feet into the ankle straps. Then, you utilise the easy to use balancing system to tilt yourself back as far as you feel comfortable. Certain tables allow for complete 180 degree inversion.

While this may feel strange at first, once you become accustomed to the sensation of being upside down or inverted at an angle, you’ll start to feel more relaxed.

Being suspended in this fashion, allows your body and specifically your spine to decompress.

You should feel a significant reduction in your back pain nearly instantly. You can work your way up to a 20-minute session, but beginners can expect to last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes for their first few initial trials.

What Are the Benefits?

Many great benefits come with using an inversion table. First off, if you are an athlete or someone who loves lifting weights, flexibility is an essential element of fitness. Implementing inversion therapy can improve your flexibility and enhance your performance at the gym.

Pain relief is another huge benefit. If you have thrown your back out or are suffering from a herniated disk, using an inversion table is also an appropriate way of seeking treatment.

Other general health benefits include improved circulation, better posture, and reduced stress.

What to Look for When Buying One

Though inversion tables all look quite similar, they do have some key differences that can determine whether or not a specific model is for you. Consider these next few things when making your selection.

Additional lumbar support

Consider extra padding if you’re planning on using your inversion table frequently. This padding will eliminate any discomfort you may feel if your back is chronically stiff.

Does it fold up for easy storage?

Most of the inversion tables on our list fold up nicely for storage purposes. A couple of models, however, are a bit bulkier and may not be able to squeeze into compact spaces. On the one hand, they do have added padded for comfort. But they might take up more space and won’t be able to fit as easily under your bed or in the corner of the room.

See where your priorities lie first.

Does it have a seatbelt to ensure your safety?

If you’re worried about dangling upside down, ease your fears by going with a more secure inversion table.

Keep in mind though, that if you purchase a table suitable for your bodyweight you will not be in any danger. However, if this thought isn’t enough to reassure you, look into buying an inversion table with a crossbody seat belt to feel more strapped in.

A Detailed Look at the Best Inversion Tables

If you’ve been searching for a quality inversion table, continue reading to learn about the best ones available on the UK market.

Teeter EP560 Adult Inversion Table

Designed with the modern-day tech user in mind, this inversion table comes a smartphone app as well as a DVD and instruction guide. Set up will be a breeze and your first session should go effortlessly. The app also comes with a timer so you can keep track of your decompression sessions.

Things We Like
  • Comes with additional accessories to help you get started
  • Feels sturdy and robust while in use
  • Head pillow and padded ankle straps for added comfort
  • Downloadable app to learn more about your inversion table and time your sessions
Things we don’t like
  • On the pricier side
  • Heavy frame


Though the price may seem a bit high at first glance, the device comes with enough features to justify the price. It’s supportive in all the right places, and past users have stated that the inversion table has helped reduce their back pain significantly.

If this is your first time trying inversion therapy, the EP560 is a great device to help you get started. It has all the accessories you’ll need. It’s also built to last and won’t fall apart after a few years of consistent use.

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YOLEO Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The YOLEO Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table is an excellent value for your money. It also looks and feels great thanks to its smart, comfortable, and sturdy design. It can also hold up to 136 kg which is 300 lbs or over 21 stone.

Things We Like
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Memory foam backrest
  • Crossbody safety belt
  • Extra-wide frame
  • Lumbar cushion for additional support
Things we don’t like
  • Hard to follow instructions and more difficult to assemble


If comfort and safety are your two most important concerns when weighing your options, the inversion table by YOLEO is a great pick. It’s extremely affordable and provides you with some great features like its easy to adjust height tube, a crossbody safety belt, and a four-layered foam backrest. You can easily switch between various heights within seconds, so every member of the family can enjoy it.

This YOLEO inversion table also folds away for easy storage.

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Crystal Pro Gravity Inversion Table

If you have ample space, wish to save money on a quality inversion table, the Crystal Pro Gravity is the one for you. The building instructions are clear and concise, allowing the set up process to take no more than an hour of your time.

Things We Like
  • Strong and safe
  • Simple instructions
  • Easy to put together
  • Affordable
Things we don’t like
  • Doesn’t fold completely flat


The Crystal Pro Gravity Inversion Table is another incredibly affordable option for anyone on a budget. It’s easy to set up. However, storage might be an issue. Our biggest qualm with this inversion table is that it does not fold flat, so consider this if you’re living with limited space.

Nevertheless, it’s quite sturdy and has a safety belt for added reassurance and will hold a maximum weight of 125 kg.

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Beauty4Less Inversion Table

If you want to improve your flexibility and diminish your back pain, look no further than the Beauty4Less Inversion table. It has minimal padding but is still comfortable enough to use throughout the week. This model by Beauty4Less is also discreet and easy to stow away when you don’t need it. It’s light enough for one person to move around on their own.

Things We Like
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy assembly
  • Solid frame yet light enough to move with ease
Things we don’t like
  • Lack of lumbar support
  • Puts a strain on your ankles when you’re inverted for too long
  • Low user weight


Though the seat is padded, the Beauty4Less Inversion Table does not have extra cushioning or additional lumbar support. Because of this, you may not find it as comfortable for longer term use.

However, this can be ideal for those with limited space due to its ability to fold up compactly – just be aware of its maximum user weight of 100 kg. It’s a great budget table for those that plan on using it minimally during the week.

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Sportsplus Inversion Table

You can invert your body at a fixed angle of 20,40, 60, and 80 degrees or you can set it at free inversion giving you around 90 degrees with this Sportsplus model. It’s easy to assemble, use, and store.

Things We Like
  • Comfortable for your feet and ankles
  • You have two colour choices
  • Foldable
Things we don’t like
  • Lack of lumbar support on the device for the price


Highlights of the Sportsplus Inversion Table include its sleek and simple design in either black or red. It’s quite sturdy and can withstand a total of 135 kg bodyweight. The Sportsplus is effective and also built of high-quality materials, so you know it will last.

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Yatek ECO

The Yatek model is simple in its design, but strong. It can hold up to 150 kg of body weight, making it one of the the most heavy-duty model available.

Things We Like
  • 150 kg max bodyweight
  • Multiple inversion grades
  • Easily balanced
  • Foldable and fits in small spaces like under the bed
Things we don’t like
  • Building instructions are difficult to read


Resistant and sleek are two words that describe the Yatek ECO inversion table. It provides a full 180-degree inversion and is built for regular use. Its most impressive feature has to be its weight capability. While many models can only handle 135 kg at one time, the Yatek ECO blows the others out of the water in this category and can sustain a total of 150 kg.

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Exerpeutic 475SL

The Exerpeautic 475SL has a clearly labelled pin to help you select your desired degree of inversion. It’s simple to use if you are just starting to get used to inversion therapy. It’s also extremely customizable, shapes to your body well and can hold those up to 136 kg.

Things We Like
  • Airsoft cushion ankle holders
  • 1.8″ thick foam backrest
  • Palm activated ratchet lock system
Things we don’t like
  • Flimsy tools
  • Sturdy yet heavy frame


Resistant and customizable best describe the Yatek ECO. It provides a full 180-degree inversion. It also manages to conform and contour perfectly to your body. Its airsoft cushion ankle holders support your feet and ankles, so they don’t tire as quickly while you are inverted.

While some models can put pressure on your ankles, the Yatek ECO has enough padding to eliminate this issue. This way, you can truly relax and enjoy the decompression session.

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Sportstech IT300

The Sportstech IT300 is a multi-functional device that doubles as both an inversion table and a power tower (see below).

Not only will it offer you some relief to your aching muscles, but it will help strengthen your whole body. Strengthening weak or unbalanced muscles is the key to preventing future pain.

Things We Like
  • Dual-function as a power tower
  • Foam on the table is both water and odour resistant
  • It folds up easily and compactly
Things we don’t like
  • Higher price point


Perform up to five different exercises with this multi-functional device by Sportstech. The IT300 allows you to switch from using it as an inversion table to a power tower —capable of assisting you with your pull-ups, tricep dips, push-ups, and leg lifts. It’s worth the extra money when you consider what you’re getting since it’s two machines in one.

This IT300 can help relieve pain caused by outside stressors in your life, while strengthening your body to prevent future pain. You won’t just feel better. You will look better too.

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Inversion tables are fantastic for gym-goers due to their ability to stretch your body out, help with your flexibility and alleviate preexisting back pain. They are also useful for their overall health benefits, such as improved posture and circulation.

Fitness means more than just trying to slim down or bulk up. Though you may be dieting consistently and lifting weights every day, remember that recovery and rest are just as crucial to your fitness journey. The human body needs some tender loving care after all you put it through daily.

If you’ve been suffering from back pain, or want to enhance your body’s flexibility, an inversion table session can diminish both physical and mental stress.

For those seeking great value, the Crystal Pro Gravity Inversion table is an excellent pick at an even better price.

If you wish to get fit while also improving your posture, the Sportstech IT300 is an excellent investment towards your health since it can diminish current pain and also prevent future pain.

You’ll love the feeling of being on an inversion table as soon as you experience that instant relief. And if you select the right one for you, you may never want to get off of it.

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