Genuine Uzbekistan Turkesterone vs Ecdysterone (Less Effective)

By David Watkins

As the natural muscle building power of genuine turkesterone has become more widely known, its growing popularity has led to some misleading claims about its origins. The most common among them is the ill-informed selling of ecdysterone as turkesterone. They both have the same mechanism of action that converts protein into muscle mass but turkesterone is far superior and is the most often chosen single ingredient sports supplement used by serious bodybuilders and athletes to naturally enhance their physique.

Genuine is Always Best

The only verified source of the much more powerful genuine Turkesterone is derived exclusively from the plant species Ajuga turkestanica which is grown in just one very specific high altitude region of Uzbekistan with all other attempts to grow it elsewhere in the world proving unsuccessful. The cultivation, harvesting and processing of this plant is strictly monitored and controlled by Uzbekistan government institutions responsible for ensuring that the finished extract always meets their exacting criteria.

Less Effective Ecdysterone Sources

The lesser ecdysterone extracts which are also variously referred to as beta-ecdysterone or 20-hydroxyecdysone can be sourced from a variety of plant types. They can all be easily cultivated worldwide, making the production of Ecdysterone much easier and cheaper then genuine turkesterone. The most common ecdysterone plant sources are Cyanotis vaga and Rhaponticum carthamoides (also known as Leuzea Carthamoides or Maral Root) and more recently Cyanotis arachnoidea.

Ecdysterone Misleading Claims

Uzbekistan official laboratories have tested most of them and firmly established that none of those tested contained any turkesterone. Despite this, there are still a lot of sellers misleading buyers by continuing to market these inferior extracts as turkesterone They make confusing and inaccurate references such as ‘Rhaponticum carthamoides contains a high concentration of Ajuga turkestanica‘, which is nonsense because they are two completely different plant species grown in different parts of the world!

Innovative Extraction Processes

It is Uzbekistan government institutions who are solely responsible for the unique and innovative Ajuga turkestanica extraction processes that produce pure turkesterone at a consistent 10%. This is currently the highest possible percentage that can be extracted, so be wary of claims of higher numbers. Even if attempts to grow this plant elsewhere were successful, they would almost certainly still lack the Uzbekistan state-of-the-art extraction techniques to produce a viable extract.

Low Potency Chinese Extracts

Recently coming out of China, are extracts that make references to Ajuga turkestanica but this appears to be only a marketing ploy to associate their product with this plant. The fine print in their literature reveals that the extracts they are producing derive from much weaker and more widely grown strains of the same Lamiaceae plant family as Ajuga turkestanica. The two most common are Ajuga reptans and Ajuga decumbens which are native to China but can only produce a modest and inconsistent turkesterone-like extract at a maximum of 2% content.

This compares unfavourably with genuine Uzbekistan Ajuga turkestanica extract which contains a consistent minimum 10% pure turkesterone plus numerous other beneficial constituents directly related to turkesterone.

Genuine Turkesterone for Genuine Power

There aren’t many legitimate websites offering a genuine source of turkesterone produced exclusively from Uzbekistan Ajuga turkestanica. True turkesterone as a single ingredient sports supplement has few equals in its power to convert protein into muscle, so finding a reliable source will prove a worthwhile investment of time for any bodybuilder or athlete looking for natural ways to enhance their physique.

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David Watkins is an executive of the company that owns the Tonvara Premium Natural Supplements brand. They are one of the few suppliers of genuine turkesterone exclusively derived from Uzbekistan Ajuga turkestanica.

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