Bodybuilding Beginners

Articles suited to newcomers to bodybuilding which cover training techniques and routines and appropriate diet and nutrition for the beginner.

Beginner's Guide to Protein Supplements
Basic guide as to which protein supplements you need

A Beginner's Guide
Are you a complete newcomer to weight training? This article covers all the basics: nutrition, training and bodybuilding supplements. A first read for all beginner bodybuilders!

A Beginner's Guide to Building a Home Gym
Setting up a home gym, what equipment you'll need and how much it will cost!

As Simple As It Gets
A first stop for new trainees and a possibly much needed reminder for the more experienced. Basics & Fundaments: Training, routines, nutrition and lifestyle tips for beginners

Bodybuilding Beginners FAQs
Fifteen questions fundamental to beginners body building and strength training with comprehensive answers including physiology of muscles, exercise, training, nutrition and weight loss

Muscle Building Basics - Weightlifting & Diet
Fitness Coach, Drew Stegman gives some basic pointers on muscle building training and nutrition

Programming for Beginners by Those Who Aren't
How more experienced trainers can effectively advise beginners to weight training

Peripheral Heart Action Programme (PHA)
A basic training program for someone new to the gym

Weight Training 0-12 Months Stepping Stones
British champion and experienced personal trainer Micky McKay explains the importance of adaptation and gradual progress for newcomers to weight training

Bodybuilding for Beginners - Stepping Stones: Part 2
After 6-12 months of training you can move onto a split routine, discussed in this article by Micky McKay

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