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Best Power Tower – UK Buyer Guide and Reviews

Strengthening your core is one of the best ways to build a more powerful body. Floor exercises like crunches and leg lifts only help you reach half of your potential. A power tower on the other hand, offers suitable levels of resistance to whip your abdominal muscles into shape—making it the king of all ab equipment and more! They are absolutely brilliant for core exercises.

These pull up and dip stations can also help increase your overall strength. Yes, everything from your quads to your lats can reap the benefits depending on the exercises or workout you follow.

Man doing leg raises on a power tower

Since a power tower takes on the roles of many, here’s everything you need to know about owning one. From some effective workouts to the best models available for purchase, explore how one can benefit you.

Editor's Choice
BangTongLi Power Tower Dip Station

BangTongLi Power Tower Dip Station

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Best Budget Buy
Dskeuzeew Multi Pull Up Bar Dip Station

Dskeuzeew Multi Pull Up Bar Dip Station

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TecTake Dip Power Tower Station

TecTake Dip Power Tower Station

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Ultrasport Power Tower

Ultrasport Power Tower

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HOMCOM Power Tower

HOMCOM Power Tower

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JX Fitness Power Tower

JX Fitness Power Tower

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Sportstech 7in1 Power Tower PT300

Sportstech 7in1 Power Tower PT300

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The Best Power Towers – The Reviews

If you’re considering getting one for your home gym, take a closer look at our detailed reviews of the best power towers we’ve tried. Every product we have reviewed is of good quality and should serve most users well.

Push ups, pull ups, and ab workouts are simple and easy with the BangTong&Li Heavy Duty Power Tower Dip Station. It has a max weight capacity of 150 kg, so over 23 stone. Whether you want to improve your pull ups, or get defined abs, this tower can help you reach your goals.


This BangTong&Li Power Tower features multiple grip options on the pull up bar which make it different to many others available. The back rest could have better padding, as could the forearm rests, but overall, this is a really good unit for the price.

With its heavy duty steel frame this is one of our personal favourites and certainly first-rate when it comes to power towers built for home gyms.

Things We Like
  • Very sturdy even on painted floors
Things we don’t like
  • Instructions for assembly could be clearer

This quality power tower by Bigzzia is strong, durable, and safe enough for fitness enthusiasts of all ages. It comes with resistance bands—so you can target your biceps and help create strong sculpted arms.


Customizable, and heavy-duty, the Bigzzia Multi Gym Pull Up Station is perfect for adding some extra resistance. Add a chain or some dumbbells while performing dips and pull-ups for a challenge. Its steel body holds a maximum weight of 150 kg.

Things We Like
  • Includes a toolkit with your purchase
  • Maximum weight capacity of 136 kg
  • Suction cup bottom, but stays put on carpeted floors as well
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy build
  • Included resistance bands offer a broader range of possibilities
Things we don’t like
  • You may experience some wobbling if you’re close to the max weight limit

The TecTake Dip power station brings everything you need from a home gym into one convenient piece of fitness equipment. With a built-in bench, you can easily use this tower for a complete upper body workout from the comfort of your own home.


There are bigger and better power towers on the market right now. But what sets aside the TecTake is the price point – for what you pay, you get a lot of equipment! The addition of the J-hooks and the added in bench really makes this incredibly versatile. In addition to the normal pull ups, push ups, and ab work, you can add in bench pressing and even supine lateral bar rows.

Things We Like
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Solid construction that’s sturdy enough for the average user
Things we don’t like
  • Bench doesn’t adjust to incline
  • Assembly instructions are in German
  • Weight bench max weight is 120kg so this isn’t suitable for heavy lifters

The Ultrasport Power Tower allows you to quickly adjust the height and has a respectable maximum user weight of 150 kg.


Assembly is fairly straightforward if you already have some flatpack experience – you’ll need some basic tools though. You might struggle if you haven’t built anything like this before as there are some fiddly bits.

Its footprint isn’t as big as some of the units in this roundup review and as a consequence won’t be as stable. So, if you are on the heavier side it’s probably not for you.

Things We Like
  • Adjustable heights for dip station
  • Easy to assemble and break down for moving (if needed)


Things we don’t like
  • Unit rocks with taller/heavier users
  • Can’t use a resistance band with this for assisted pull ups

A decent tower is already an incredible tool when it comes to improving your fitness. This power tower by HOMCOM, however, will add even more versatility to your workouts.


A lower maximum user weight on this tower of around 120 kg and not as sturdy a frame as other towers in this round-up and puts this one at a slight disadvantage. However, if you are on the lighter side then the budget price of these might well make it ideal for you.

Things We Like
  • Adjustable height
  • Affordable


Things we don’t like
  • Basic assembly tools

The JX Fitness Power Tower has five adjustable heights, making it great for just about everyone. A steel tube H-shaped frame ensures the unit is stable and safe while in use. You can use this for everything from pull ups to dips to push ups and even ab workouts.


As far as power towers go, this JX Fitness certainly fits the bill. You’re able to get a good workout and you have lots of versatility with the options for exercises. Some users might feel the tower shake a bit especially if they’re on the heavier side, but the steel construction is able to support a lot of weight. We love the addition of the push up station but the bars might not be ergonomic for every user.

Things We Like
  • Easy to assemble
  • Supports a lot of weight
  • Doesn’t take up much space


Things we don’t like
  • It would be nice if the push up bars were further apart

One of the more sophisticated models, the Sportstech PT300 has a design that offers even more possibilities than a standard power tower. It even has low mounted feet supports with foam rollers to allow you to perform sit ups comfortably.


This 7 in 1 power tower is all you need to get a great body. From push-ups to pull-ups, the Sportstech PT300 is suitable for all levels of fitness. We love that this machine prioritises safety. With a set of strong rubber suction cups located on the bottom of the tower, you can exercise confidently knowing that your machine isn’t going anywhere.

We also love that you can customize it based on your height. This bit of kit far exceeds all of the basic requirements you’d want of a home gym power tower.

It’s is also perfect for an individual on a budget. It looks modern and has all these extra capabilities, without sitting at an out of reach price point.

Things We Like
  • Four adjustable height levels
  • Extra padded/easy to grip handles for comfort and safety
  • Comes with an e-book and assembly manual
  • Rubber suction cups installed at the base
  • Sturdy eyelet holes for more workout freedom and customisation
Things we don’t like
  • Despite the sturdy build, the max user weight only extends to around 120 kg bodyweight

What is a Power Tower?

Power towers build muscle! They are a great bit of kit that can help you train a variety of muscle groups using bodyweight exercises. Basically a multifunctional tower designed for cost effective workouts and is a perfect piece of home gym equipment as it allows you to do so much.

These workout towers look like a large high chair with no bottom seat. Structurally, it has a backrest or BOSU ball supporting your back, arm pads, side handles, and an overhead bar for performing pull-ups.

You can sculpt your back, shred your abs, and burn out your triceps all thanks to its multi-functionality. You can even build a decent chest with the help of the integrated dip bars.

Since most models only utilise your body weight, they are also ideal and safe for beginners in the gym. For more experienced users, adding resistance is also possible as well (check out our dip belt reviews)

There’s no limit to what you can and cannot do. You can either base an entire ab workout using a power tower or use it to warm up and stretch before weightlifting.

Because of their versatility they make a fantastic addition to any home gym, and considering all you can do on them, take up very little floor space (but be check dimensions carefully if you have fairly low ceilings).

Common Features

Power towers are quite tall. Some can be adjusted to suit different heights. Most will possess many if not all of these features.

  • A pull-up bar
  • Parallel bars for dips
  • Padded seat
  • Push up bars near the base
  • Sit-up bars
  • vertical knee raise station
  • Suction cups or non slip rubber feet for extra stability

Power Tower Exercises

Here are some good power tower exercises you can do grouped by body part. Use these to warm up or to burn out a muscle group post-workout. You can even superset these with another exercise while weight training if you’re aiming for muscle growth.


  • Leg Lifts
  • Time Under Tension Leg Lifts
  • Leg Lifts With a Dumbbell
  • Vertical Knee Raises
  • Hanging Knee Raises
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Oblique Crunches
  • Hanging Around the Worlds or Side to Side Sweeps


  • Leg Lifts
  • Leg Lifts With a Swiss Ball
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Knee Raises

Back and Biceps

  • Negative pull-ups
  • Wide Grip pull-ups
  • Close Grip pull-ups/chin-ups
  • Banded pull-ups
  • Weighted pull-ups

Chest and Triceps

  • Tricep Dips
  • Assisted Tricep Dips
  • Weighted Tricep Dips (use a dumbbell, chain, or weight belt)

Workouts That Incorporate a Power Tower

If you’re wondering what kind of workouts you can do that use a power tower, here are a few examples.

Getting Your First Pull-up

If you can’t do a pull-up just yet, don’t let that be a deterrent when considering a power tower for your home gym.

Getting your first pull-up is a great goal to have, and a power tower is the perfect device to help you get better at the movement.

  1. Grab a chair or a bench and place it under the pull-up bars. Use this bench to jump up while holding the bars.
  2. Use that momentum to keep your body up in mid-air. Your shoulders should be levelled with your wrists.
  3. Slowly lower yourself down in a controlled motion, until your entire body is hanging from the bars.
  4. Jump back onto the bench and start again.

Depending on your upper body strength, you may or may not be able to hold yourself up for an extended amount of time. But as you build muscle, the longer you’ll hold the position. Then soon enough, you’ll be doing pull-ups like a pro.

Power Tower Workout

  • Week 1: Perform three sets of five negative pull-ups, each lasting five seconds. Do this three times a week
  • Week 2: Perform three sets of five negative pull-ups, each lasting eight seconds
  • Week 3: Perform three sets of eight negative pull-ups, each lasting five seconds
  • Week 4: Perform five sets of five negative pull-ups, each lasting ten seconds each

Modify this workout routine as you progress. Increasing the time under tension should be your primary goal. Use resistance bands if you struggle using your full bodyweight.

Full Body Circuit For Fat Loss

Keep your heart rate elevated and tone your entire body by performing this workout three times a week.

  • Superset ten push-ups with ten tricep dips
  • Perform burpees for sixty seconds
  • Rest for thirty seconds
  • Superset ten wide grip pull-ups and ten narrow grip pull-ups
  • Perform burpees for thirty seconds
  • 25 leg lifts superset with 15 Russian twists
  • Rest for thirty seconds

Repeat the entire workout four more times.


Refer to the workouts in the previous section, or create your own using some of the various exercises we’ve listed. When choosing the best power tower for you, consider the maximum weight and adjustability to ensure a safe exercise session every time.

Of all the products we selected, we feel the BangTong&Li is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to do upper body exercises with a bit of an extra twist – those resistance bands give you that bit of extra versatility. Another tower we particularly like for the value it offers is the power tower by Bigzzia. It is suited for someone wishing to try a tower but on a tight budget.

Despite its simple appearance, a power tower is a highly effective tool for targeting the core and upper body through the use of your own body weight.

They are also affordable, suitable for all levels of fitness, and a brilliant piece of exercise equipment that adds to your enjoyment of working out at home even if you have limited space. We love them, and in our experience, we are sure you will too when you make one part of your home gym.

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