Best Power Tower – Buyer’s Guide and UK Reviews

Strengthening your core is one of the best ways to build a more powerful body. Floor exercises like crunches and leg lifts only help you reach half of your potential. A power tower on the other hand, offers suitable levels of resistance to whip your abdominals into shape—making it the king of all ab equipment and more!

These pull up and dip stations can also help increase your overall strength. Yes, everything from your quads to your lats can reap the benefits depending on the exercises or workout you follow.

Man doing leg raises on a power tower

Since this piece of equipment takes on the roles of many, here’s everything you need to know about owning one. From some effective workouts to the best models available for purchase, explore how a power tower can benefit your body.

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What is a Power Tower?

A power tower is a remarkable piece of equipment since it can help you train a variety of muscle groups using your bodyweight. It provides the supportive framework for certain exercises.

These workout towers look like a large high chair with no bottom seat. Structurally, it has a backrest or BOSU ball supporting your back, pads for your arms, side handles, and an overhead bar for performing pull-ups.

You can sculpt your back, shred your abs, and burn out your triceps all thanks to its multi-functionality.

Since most models only utilise your body weight, they are also ideal and safe for beginners in the gym. For more experienced users, adding resistance is also possible as well (check out our dip belt reviews)

There’s no limit to what you can and cannot do. You can either base an entire ab workout using a power tower or use it to warm up and stretch before weightlifting.

Common Power Tower Features

Power towers are quite tall. Some can be adjusted to suit different heights. Most will possess many if not all of these features.

  • A pull-up bar
  • Dipping bars
  • Padded seat
  • Push up bars near the base
  • Sit-up bars
  • Suction cups or rubber feet

What Exercises Can You Do on a Power Tower?

We’ve grouped up some of the best exercises you can do on a power tower by body part. Use these to warm up or to burn out a muscle group post-workout. You can even superset these with another exercise while weight training if you’re aiming for muscle growth.


  • Leg Lifts
  • Time Under Tension Leg Lifts
  • Leg Lifts With a Dumbbell
  • Knee Raises
  • Hanging Knee Raises
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Oblique Crunches
  • Hanging Around the Worlds or Side to Side Sweeps


  • Leg Lifts
  • Leg Lifts With a Swiss Ball
  • Hanging Leg Lifts
  • Knee Raises

Back and Biceps

  • Negative pull-ups
  • Wide Grip pull-ups
  • Close Grip pull-ups/chin-ups
  • Banded pull-ups
  • Weighted pull-ups

Chest and Triceps

  • Tricep Dips
  • Assisted Tricep Dips
  • Weighted Tricep Dips (use a dumbbell, chain, or weight belt)

Workouts Incorporating a Power Tower

If you’re wondering what kind of workouts you can do incorperating a power tower, here are a few examples.

Getting Your First Pull-up

If you can’t do a pull-up just yet, don’t let that be a deterrent when considering a power tower for your home gym.

Getting your first pull-up is a great goal to have, and a power tower is the perfect device to help teach you the movement.

  1. Grab a chair or a bench and place it under the pull-up bars. Use this bench to jump up while holding the bars.
  2. Use that momentum to keep your body up in midair. Your shoulders should be levelled with your wrists.
  3. Slowly lower yourself down in a controlled motion, until your entire body is hanging from the bars.
  4. Jump back onto the bench and start again.

Depending on your upper body strength, you may or may not be able to hold yourself up for an extended amount of time. But as you build muscle, the longer you’ll hold the position. Then soon enough, you’ll be doing pull-ups like a pro.

The workout

  • Week 1: Perform three sets of five negative pull-ups, each lasting five seconds. Do this three times a week
  • Week 2: Perform three sets of five negative pull-ups, each lasting eight seconds
  • Week 3: Perform three sets of eight negative pull-ups, each lasting five seconds
  • Week 4: Perform five sets of five negative pull-ups, each lasting ten seconds each

Modify this routine as you progress. Increasing the time under tension should be your primary goal. Use resistance bands if you struggle using your full bodyweight.

Full Body Circuit For Fat Loss Using a Power Tower

Keep your heart rate elevated and tone your entire body by performing this workout three times a week.

  • Superset ten push-ups with ten tricep dips
  • Perform burpees for sixty seconds
  • Rest for thirty seconds
  • Superset ten wide grip pull-ups and ten narrow grip pull-ups
  • Perform burpees for thirty seconds
  • 25 leg lifts superset with 15 Russian twists
  • Rest for thirty seconds

Repeat the entire workout four more times.

A Detailed Look at Some of the Best Power Towers

If you are looking at buying the best power tower, uk availability and something that is high-quality then take a look at our list below.

Powertec Basic Trainer Chin/Dip/VKR

Powertec Basic Trainer Chin/Dip/VKR

If you’re looking to upgrade to an impressive power tower that doesn’t skimp on features, consider the Powertec Trainer. With its thick padding, swivel bar for a comfortable grip on pull-ups, and its lifetime warranty on the frame, this model is sure to impress anyone interested in sculpting their summer body.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Height: 224 cm
  • Width: 119 cm
  • Length: 120 cm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 181 kg
  • Accessories: Includes a swivel straight bar
Things We Like
  • The swivel straight bar allows for a closer grip on pull-ups
  • Modified back angle for increased body clearance
  • Impressive maximum load
  • Allows you to perform up to 8 exercises
  • Easy to assemble
Things we don’t like
  • Has a home use warranty only


Commercial gym owners may not find this option too useful, as the warranty only extends to home users. Regardless, it’s quite strong, has handles for pull-ups and pushups, and comes with all the features you need to get a killer ab and back workout. The swivel straight bar, for instance, allows you to target your biceps. The wide grip lat bar, on the other hand, will sculpt your back and deltoids for an impressive physique.

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Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist Plus

Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist Plus

If you like the idea of an assisted power tower but have a strict budget to stick to, the Powertec Levergym can combine both of your needs.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Colour: Black
  • Height: 219 cm
  • Width: 156 cm
  • Length: 113 cm
  • Maximum User Weight: 181 kg
  • Accessories: Swivel straight bar
Things We Like
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Counterweighted assistance
Things we don’t like
  • Counterbalance weights sold separately


This stylish machine is reasonably priced for what you’re getting. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase weights to set off the counterbalance assistance. If you already have some at home, this is the perfect option. This machine allows you to perform pull-ups and chin-ups smoothly, so you can build up your upper body as effectively as you would inside a gym.

It also includes a swivel straight bar for a closer grip on chin-ups.

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Hardcastle Bodybuilding Pull-up/Dip Home Gym Power Tower

This power tower by Hardcastle sports a sturdy white frame and a comfortable black pad to support your back during your core workouts. This monochromatic design will not only look great in your home or gym but will give you an exceptional workout for an affordable price.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Maximum User Weight: 90 kg
  • Colour: Black and white
  • Height: 215 cm
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Depth: 105 cm
  • Pull-up bar length: 105 cm
  • Accessories included: Assembly manual
Things We Like
  • Affordable model
  • Short assembly time
  • Can fit comfortably into the corner of most rooms and garages
  • Nice padded backrest for support
Things we don’t like
  • Assembly tools not included
  • May wobble slightly, depending on the surface it’s on
  • It only holds 90 kg


We’ve noted that one of the few downsides of this Power Tower by Hardcastle is you’ll need some tools to assemble it. Apart from that , you’ll find it is tall enough to suit most individuals, while still remaining sleek enough to stand up against any corner in your home. The price is definitely worth it since you’re getting multiple pieces of equipment in one machine.

Its design is practical. It’s easy to assemble and should take less than two hours.

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Sportstech 7in1 Power Tower PT300 Editor’s Choice

One of the more sophisticated models, the Sportstech PT300 has a design that offers even more possibilities than a standard power tower.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • Height: 153 cm (lowest level) to 218cm (highest level)
  • Width: 83.5 cm
  • Depth: 110 cm
  • Dips bar handle-spacing: 62cm
  • Push-ups bar handle-spacing: 63cm
  • Accessories: E-book
Things We Like
  • Four adjustable height levels
  • Extra padded/easy to grip handles for comfort and safety
  • Comes with an e-book and assembly manual
  • Rubber suction cups installed at the base
  • Sturdy eyelet holes for more workout freedom and customisation
Things we don’t like
  • Despite the sturdy build, the max user weight only extends to around 120 kg bodyweight


This 7 in 1 power tower is all you need to get a great body. From push-ups to pull-ups, the Sportstech 7 in 1 Power Tower PT300 is suitable for all levels of fitness. We love that this machine prioritises safety. With a set of strong rubber suction cups located on the bottom of the tower, you can exercise confidently knowing that your machine isn’t going anywhere.

We also love that you can customize it based on your height. This bit of kit far exceeds all of the basic requirements of a power tower.

It’s is also perfect for an individual on a budget. It looks modern and has all these extra capabilities, without sitting at an out of reach price point.

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This power tower by RELIFE SPORTS is strong, durable, and safe enough for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Shipping Weight: 28.3 kg
  • Colour: Silver and red
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 147 cm (lowest level) to 225 cm (highest level)
  • Width: 89.9 cm
  • Depth: 90 cm
  • Pull-up bar handle-spacing: 108.9 cm
  • Dips bar handle-spacing: 62cm
  • Push-ups bar handle-spacing: 75.5 cm
Things We Like
  • Includes a toolkit with your purchase
  • Maximum weight capacity of 136 kg
  • Suction cup bottom, but stays put on carpeted floors as well
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy build
Things we don’t like
  • You may experience some wobbling if you’re close to the max weight limit


Customizable, and heavy-duty, the RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Power Tower is perfect for adding some extra resistance. Add a chain or some dumbbells while performing dips and pull-ups for a challenge. Its steel body holds a maximum weight of 136 kg. It’s also advertised as being a machine safe enough for teens and seniors to use. This is a perfect setup for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves to be handy. This power tower comes with instructions and a toolkit to make things easier.

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Mirafit Multi Function Gym Power Tower

The Mirafit Power Tower sports a new and modern appearance – swapping out the usual steel cage design for a sleek black frame that is both stylish and space-efficient. Its centre arms rotate upwards, making it even easier to store.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Colour: Black and orange
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 210 cm
  • Width: 103 cm
  • Depth: 129 cm
  • Pull-up bar handle-spacing: 103 cm
  • Dips bar handle-spacing: 63.5cm
  • Push-ups bar handle-spacing: 74 cm
Things We Like
  • Easy storage
  • Fresh design
  • Extra-long back padding for lower back support
Things we don’t like
  • Assembly tools not included
  • May feel wobbly during dips
  • No suction cups at the base


This power tower by Mirafit will best suit anyone living with a limited amount of space. Unlike most other power towers, this one has folding dipping bars and an overall sleeker design. Though it doesn’t take up as much space, it’s just as sturdy as most models and can hold 120 kg. You will, however, need your own tools to build this (allow roughly an hour for building).

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Gravity Fitness Power Tower

Simple, but in no way is this power tower by Gravity a piece of equipment to overlook. For the price, it’s built tough, capable of handling 135 kg.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Colour: Black
  • Shipping Weight: 29.4 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 135 kg
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 210 cm
  • Width: 105 cm
  • Depth: 131 cm
Things We Like
  • Easy to assemble
  • Arrives with the necessary tools
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Suitable for outdoor gyms and workout areas
  • 5-year warranty
Things we don’t like
  • Non-adjustable height


For the price, this power tower by Gravity Fitness will give you everything you need for a full-body workout. It’s also suitable for outdoor areas and gyms, as long as you keep it covered as it can tarnish in the rain.

The padding is comfortable and of excellent quality. The steel frame can support more than the usual amount of weight. Set up is easy, and best of all you won’t have to go out and buy a toolkit since one is included with your purchase. This power tower by Gravity Fitness is almost a full gym in one purchase.

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HOMCOM Power Tower

A power tower is already an incredible tool when it comes to improving your fitness. This power tower by HOMCOM, however, will add even more versatility to your workouts. It comes with resistance bands—so you can target your biceps and help create strong sculpted arms.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Colour: Black
  • Shipping Weight: 23 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • Material: PVC, PP, EVA
  • Height: 182 cm (shortest) – 232 cm (longest)
  • Width: 99 cm
  • Length: 94 cm
  • Accessories: two short and two long resistance bands
Things We Like
  • Adjustable height
  • Affordable
  • Included resistance bands offer a broader range of possibilities
Things we don’t like
  • Basic assembly tools


Though the HOMCOM Power Tower comes with a set of tools, they are quite simple, so you may want to use your own toolkit as it’ll be faster to get up and running. Aside from this, we love the sturdy frame, the reasonable price point, and the resistance bands that come with this model. The makers of this power tower truly thought of everything when creating this powerful and multifunctional machine, suitable for all fitness levels.

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Body-Solid Pro Club Line Series II Assisted Chin & Dip Machine

Body-Solid Pro Club Line Series II Assisted Chin & Dip Machine

Supportive and meant to last you years, the Body-Solid Pro Machine is a worthy investment that will pay for itself in just a matter of weeks. This is a commercial-grade option that allows you to perform assisted dips and pull-ups. However, if you’re able to perform them without the additional help, you can disengage the knee pad for more control and freedom.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Colour: Black
  • Height: 248 cm
  • Width: 83 cm
  • Length: 160 cm
  • Materials: Solid steel
  • Accessories: 107 kg weight stack
Things We Like
  • Includes rock climbing grips
  • Hefty weight stack for added control
  • Commercial grade bearings
  • Instructional placard included
  • Commercial warranty included
Things we don’t like
  • Higher price range


When it comes to the gold standard of gym equipment, the Body Solid Pro Power Tower checks all the boxes. It’s sturdy, suitable for beginners or advanced fitness geeks, and is fully adjustable with its 107 kg weight stack. Consider this option if you own a gym, or want to upgrade your equipment at home to something you’d find at a top commercial fitness centre.

The weight stack is especially useful for someone who can’t quite get their first pull-up on their own yet.

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Refer to the workouts in the previous section, or create your own using some of the exercises we’ve listed. When selecting your power tower, consider the maximum weight and adjustability to ensure a safe exercise session every time.

The HOMCOM model is excellent for anyone wanting to work their upper body with a bit of an extra twist – those resistance bands give you that bit of extra versatility. However, the power tower by Hardcastle is suited for someone wishing to try a power tower but on a limited budget.

Though seemingly simple, a power tower manages to use your body weight to create challenging yet effective core and upper body workouts.

Power towers are also affordable, suitable for all levels of fitness, and just what you need to get excited about exercising at home. It’ll make a great addition to your home gym so why treat yourself to one?

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