MuscleTalk Interviews Actor Scott Wright

This is a historic interview from August 2008 by Hazel Smith, Muscle Talk Moderator

MuscleTalk Interviews Actor Scott Wright

Hazel Smith: Hi Scott and thank you for taking time to talk to MuscleTalk about your bodybuilding documentary. You are most known for your acting career, particularly in Coronation Street as the character Sam Kingston. You have ongoing projects, for example the Screen Academy, but what made you decide on a bodybuilding documentary?

Scott Wright: Hi Hazel, thanks its great to be asked! The Screen Academy is a project I setup to help people learn acting to camera. However, I’ve always been interested in the sport of bodybuilding since I was a kid and I wanted to see if I could get myself in the sort of shape I had seen the bodybuilders in the magazines manage and to film it would be fascinating.

HS: For those members that may not be aware can you give us an outline of what your documentary entailed and your personal involvement please?
SW: After I had the original idea, I knew I would need some help and guidance with training and dieting. I had been reading Jon Hotten’s book, ‘Muscle’ where Kerry Kayes features heavily and I had met Kerry once before and knew about his company CNP and figured he would be the right man to help me!

Actor Scott Wright before and after

HS: When you approached Kerry with the idea, did you think he would agree?
SW: Well he did agree but there were conditions, one of which was that I guest posed at the UKBFF North-West Championship in Warrington in May, which CNP was sponsoring. This gave us 12 weeks to get me in shape! This timescale is not a problem if you are training hard to begin with but at this point I had not trained or done any exercise for about eight weeks and my diet consisted of eating junk food and my body fat was at 24%. It was going to be tough. One the first day of training Kerry supplied me with various CNP products including protein drinks and micronutrient supplements to help me get through the next three months.

HS: I did read in article that you were taking thirty vitamin supplements a day, is this true?
SW: Yes, I still do!

HS: Can you give me an outline of your 12week diet and training plan please?
SW: A typical day’s eating:

4 Pro CLA first thing
1 Pro MR or porridge with Pro Peptide
4 Pro Vital AM Capsules
1 Pro Vital AM Tablet Breakfast
4 Pro Lipid

1 Serving Pro GF 30-45 mins before training

1 Pro Slam As you arrive at the gym

Train 1pm – 3pm

1 serving Pro Recover Immediately after training

1 Pro Flapjack for snack if required

Potatoes/rice/pasta – lots of green veg
Potatoes/rice/pasta – lots of green veg

Pro Slam Immediately before run

Aerobic/CV workout approx 6/7pm

1 serving Pro Recover Immediately after run

Pro MR half an hour before bed

1 Pro Vital Tablet
1 Pro Vital Capsule in the afternoon or 4 Pro Lipid Capsules evening.

Training Plan – 4 Day Split
Monday – Quads & Calves
Tuesday – Chest & Biceps
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Back & Hamstrings
Friday – Shoulders & Triceps

I did various exercises on weight days but varied every day and trained abs twice a week. I also did cardio sessions every day of the week for a minimum of 45 minutes.

HS: What made you decide to film your training?
SW: The filming was done by David Rankin and we hoped to capture what a hard sport bodybuilding is and the amount of dedication it takes to be a bodybuilder. We included interviews with Ricky Hatton and I got to meet Chris Cormier and Phil Heath too, whom I have so much respect for. Hopefully the documentary gives an insight into this disciplined sport and the dedication that is needed.

HS: At any point in the three months did you feel like giving up?
SW: Definitely, after about six weeks I felt so tired and I could not see any real result at that point which was disheartening, I wasn’t sure if I could do it in time. I was training hard and fitting in training around my work commitments so things were hectic. The dieting made me moody but I carried on.

Scott Wright appearing in a bodybuilding show

HS: You made it though and you guest posed on stage, how was that? Did it make you want to try your hand at competing?
SW: It was the best buzz, to finally get to the end of the 12 weeks and in the last week I could see the results coming through and it was great to be on that stage, and I think Kerry was pleased with me. Being with the big guys on stage was awesome and they were all great guys. As for competing, I don’t know – maybe one day!

HS: What did your wife Kate think to your transformation?
SW: Kate prefers me in shape but she found it hard to cope with my tiredness and moods, that’s for sure!

HS: Have you kept up with your training?
SW: The diet has slackened off but I’m still trying to keep in good shape and return to how I was before. I ‘m still training at Kerry’s gym, Better Bodies in Denton.

HS: When can we see the documentary on TV?
SW: We are hoping it will be aired later this year or early next year.

HS: Good luck with the documentary Scott and from the MuscleTalk members’ thank you for doing the interview and we hope to see you on MT!

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