2014/11/17 15:20:46
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MuscleTalk & James Collier Part Ways with UKBFF

By James Collier, MuscleTalk Co-Owner
I have decided to part ways with the United Kingdom Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (UKBFF) as I’m not happy about some decisions that have been made by the people who run it.
I started working with the Federation in 2008 and we held our first UKBFF sanctioned event in 2010: The UKBFF MuscleTalk Championships.  I have enjoyed working alongside the federation and I love a lot of what the UKBFF and IFBB do for bodybuilding; there are some great people working within the federation, some of whom have become friends.
However, due in part to some recent events, working alongside the UKBFF has meant it has ceased to be a positive experience.  In particular I’m not happy over the issues regarding the Lee Priest Tour by Muscle Promotions; many of you will have read comments on social media. One gym due to hold a seminar, was Simon Fan’s Ultimate Fitness Gym in Birmingham: just a short while before the seminar was due to start, Simon received a text saying that if he allowed Lee Priest to appear at his gym, Simon could no longer work with the UKBFF / IFBB as Lee Priest is an athlete banned for life.  It was too late for Simon to cancel as he had sold tickets and his gym members were looking forward to it.  Simon worked with Neil Hill and me in 2011 to bring back IFBB Grand Prix Pro Bodybuilding to the UK.  Although the show was a major success, we had a lot of stress and Simon took a significant financial hit, as he did again in 2012 when the IFBB Grand Prix was held at SportEx.  Simon has been at the pinnacle of UK bodybuilding since and has been working with the UKBFF/IFBB. Simon and I have a great relationship and I think the way he’s been treated by the federation is unfair, especially considering what he’s sacrificed.
There were also issues with other gyms who proposed to hold seminars and, although I don’t agree with the way Muscle Promotions have handled things, I do respect their points. This, as well as a couple of other issues, has meant working alongside the UKBFF has become a negative experience for me. These issues include tanning and the fact that they no longer support the wheelchair class in bodybuilding.  I do wish to thank Bill & Wanda Tierney for sanctioning our show over the past few years and I’ve enjoyed a good working relationship with them and other members of the UKBFF; I will miss working under the UKBFF in many ways.  Bodybuilding and fitness shows should be a positive thing and with what’s going on at the moment, there is too much negativity and this is not good for the sport.
This decision is purely my own and is not influenced by anyone in any way and those concerned know my feelings. The MuscleTalk Championships will continue to run and, working alongside Luke Nichols as always, will be held in the usual venue – Bedford Corn Exchange – on 28th June 2015 and will feature bodybuilding and fitness classes: details to follow soon.  I will continue to work with bodybuilders and fitness competitors and will still be involved in the scene: you’ll be seeing a lot more of me and MuscleTalk yet!
I can be contacted on:
e: james@muscletalk.co.uk
w: www.MuscleTalk.co.uk
f: www.facebook.com/JamesCollierMuscletalk
2014/03/26 15:17:00
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Lisa Cross Female Bodybuilder with MuscleTalk at BodyPower 2014 - Launching her New Novel!

Lisa Cross - female bodybuilder, trainer, glamour model and now published author – will be appearing on the MuscleTalk / 1 Rep Max stand at BodyPower 2014!

Lisa is one of Britain’s most successful female bodybuilders who, after having won the UKBFF Finals in 2010, has gone on to compete on the international stage. She recently placed 2nd at the European Arnolds - the highest placing by any British bodybuilder at the Arnolds ever.

Be sure to come and see Lisa at BodyPower as she launches her debut novel Devil and Disciple in conjunction with MuscleTalk. Stop by the stand for a signed copy from the author herself or just for a chat about training and a signed photo.

Devil and Disciple

The world of female bodybuilding as you have never seen it before! Exploring the true depths delved and the dedication required to become a top female bodybuilder. An erotically charged, gothic tale of Faustian proportions that demands you ask yourself what exactly you would sacrifice in order to achieve your dreams?

Devil and Disciple is the debut novel by top female bodybuilder Lisa Cross. To read the opening chapter and to order your copy visit the website www.devilanddisciple.com. Also be sure to follow Lisa on Twitter and Facebook at twitter.com/devildisciple and www.facebook.com/devilanddisciple and check for updates on the MuscleTalk forum and their Facebook: www.facebook.com/MuscleTalk
2014/02/26 08:18:33
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Shape-Up Prizes Jan 2014

The prizes for the January 2014 Shape-Up Competition are as follows including the overall Multi-Site Compeition with TMuscle & Muscle Supermarket
MuscleTalk Shape-Up Jan 2014
1st Place (male and female)
- 1 Rep Max T-shirt or Vest
- MuscleTalk T-Shirt or Vest
- Muscle Food Super Lean Stack plus an exclusive featured interview
- £50 Muscle Supermarket Voucher
- 2.5kg tub of Avenches Biotech Pure Whey
- 300g tub of Avenches Biotech Pure Digest
- Shaker

2nd Place (male and female)
- 1 Rep Max T-shirt or Vest
- MT T-Shirt or Vest
- Muscle Food Super Lean Starter Bundle
- £25 to spend with any retailer via Muscle Supermarket
- 300g tub of Avenches Biotech Pure Digest
- 1 Rep Max Shaker

3rd Place (male and female)
- MT T-Shirt or Vest
- Muscle Food £25 Voucher
- £25 to spend with any retailer via Muscle Supermarket
- 300g tub of Avenches Biotech Pure Digest (no flavour preference)
- 1 Rep Max Shaker

Special Prize for Most Outstanding Effort (not placed in the top 3 but having put in a damned good effort!)
- Ergogen UXB Pre-Workout
- MT T-Shirt or Vest

Remember that we are teaming up with TMuscle and Muscle Supermarket who are running the same competition and therefore there is a big additional prize for the overall winner:

Overall Multi-Site Champion

- 2 x BodyPower Friday or Saturday Tickets + show entry.
- 1 Rep Max Vest
- Photo Shoot in Manchester from Richard Hunter of RiHüPhoto
- £100 Muscle Food Voucher
- £100 MuscleTalk Shop Voucher
- £100 Muscle Supermarket Voucher
- Overall Trophy to be presented at BodyPower.

Hopefully seeing the above will help give all contenders an extra drive! The most successful team (Team TMuscle, Team MuscleTalk or Team Muscle Supermarket) will choose a forfeit for other two teams so make sure to give it your all!
For details and competitors in the Shape-Up Competition see here
2014/01/29 14:05:41

Darran Winfield-Stanesby & Micky McKay full MT Sponsorship and Reps for MuscleTalk Shop

British wheelchair bodybuilding and bench press champion Darran Winfield-Stanesby has been a MuscleTalk Sponsored competitor for three years.  We’ve now renewed and enhanced his sponsorship to support him as he plans to compete in both sports again in 2014.  Darran is an inspiration to so many and he’s available in his journal to ask any questions.  You can read Darran’s story here.
Micky McKay is a former British bodybuilding champion and he’s been part of Team MuscleTalk for over four years.  Micky is considering competing in the UKBFF over 50s category within the next couple of years.  He’s also a top personal trainer and has been an MT moderator and article contributor for a several years helping people out with their training questions.  Check out Micky’s journal.  Micky was also Mr MuscleTalk in 2010 at the UKBFF MuscleTalk Championships.

Both Darran and Micky are also representing the MuscleTalk Shop as board representatives, so you can ask them questions about our products and they'll recommend what to use.


2014/01/27 12:05:11
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A Quick Guide to your New Year Fitness Resolution

A re-blog from 27th December 2013
My colleague, Les Willis aka MuscleTalk Moderator Big Les, wrote this short article. So I thought I'd pass on his words of wisdom for those of you hitting the gym after Christmas:
A Quick Guide to your New Year Fitness Resolution
1) Please Get a Grip
You are not going to train every day, swim lengths and get a sauna, etc; even if you manage it for a few weeks, its not sustainable. And if you are being told you can by people in the gym it is probably because they've got late February in the sweepstake on when you are going to quit! 1 hour 3 times a week is going to tax you and be a formidable commitment for you: take baby steps.
2) Shut Up: No, Please Shut Up
No one cares what your fitness resolution is; no one cares that this year will be your year. People who know you have no doubt heard it before far too often, and in your gym everyone has heard it far too often before. Keep your goals to yourself. Also shut up some more, because no one cares what you used to do, or lift, or play. This is a what-have-you-done-lately environment, and you have sat on the sofa eating pies. And please shut up about what you read in a magazine; we don't care, no one cares, and we certainly don't care what the nutritionist said on The One Show about the new superfood – we just don't care!
Instead of talking about it, maybe try an innovative approach: ask questions and listen to the answer and then go and do it. See, many people can ask a question; not many listen, and precious few listen then do. What happens is you have 1 or 2 strikes: experienced trainers will help you once, then if you don't follow their advice they don't want to know; some will try twice because they are angels, but again, they are in the gym to do their thing not be ignored by you.
3) It Hurts
You see all those quotes about success being on the other side of pain, and pushing through pain, it's for a reason. Getting fitter, growing muscle, losing bodyfat is hard work and it will hurt and it is really uncomfortable.
Have fun and remember actions speak the loudest!
2014/01/27 11:38:24
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New MuscleTalk Blog!

With the recent forum upgrade, we have a great new Blog system.  We've had a Blog on MT for a few years, but this was a seperate section.  With this new Blog, it's integrated with the forum so members ans viewers can see Blog posts more easily.  You can access them through the Blog button at the top, and also new topics will appear within the forums along with normal topics.
We'll be using the Blog for important announcements as well as news regarding MT and the bodybuilding, strength and fitness scene.  I'll also be re-blogging a few of the useful Blog posts we had on the old system so we don't lose them!
I hope you like the new system - please let me know if you have any queries.
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