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Acne in Bodybuilding: Causes, Prevention & Treatments
Many bodybuilders suffer from acne, and this article looks at the causes and most effects prevention and treatment methods available

Becoming a Fitness Model and Finding a Sponsor
How to get into fitness modelling and promote yourself in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.

Assessment of body composition in Bodybuilders
Overview of the different methods used to assess the percentage bodyfat in bodybuilders and the Body Mass Index (BMI)

Background of a Powerlifter
Powerlifter, Ben Rollinson, explains how he made massive strength gains in only a short time

Bodybuilding Competition Prep
Aaron Hallett, a competitive bodybuilding himself, discusses the humorous side of preparing for a bodybuilding competition.

Body Composition and Optimal Health
What can you do to maintain a healthy body compostition and how it will keep you healthy

Cellulite – Anatomy, Development and Treatment
What is cellulite and what causes it? The various treatments available for cellulite

Gym Etiquette
Simple 'Dos' and Don'ts to enjoy your training more

How to Become a Fitness Instructor
The main points to consider when looking to train to become a fitness instructor

How to Reduce Muscle Fatigue When Working Out
Basic rules and general tips to help minimise muscle soreness and fatigue

The Language of Anatomy: Muscles & Bones
Confused about technical terms for muscle and bones? This article makes bodybuilding anatomy easier to understand

Being Slightly Different: Muscle Dysmorphia
The definition of body dysmorphia and a discussion of bodybuilders conforming to society’s norms

Muscle Dysmorphia – A Review
A look at the terms Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Muscle Dysmorphia (MD) and Reverse Anorexia and how they relate to bodybuilding and fitness

Narcissism in Bodybuilding
Discusses whether the bodybuilding lifestyle is narcissistic

Nicotine and Bodybuilding
Nicotine is a fat loss aid, but is it safe to supplement with it for this purpose?

The Perfect Competition Tan
How to apply the best bodybuilding competition tan properly to look the best on stage

Proportion & Balance in Bodybuilding
Prioritising weak points whilst curtailing the strong. If you have a strong or weak body parts, what should you do to bring them in line?

Recovery: A Primer
Recovery is the key to increased performance and injury avoidance. Drew Price looks at how nutrition, training, sleep, massage and other tips can help recovery

SMART Goal Setting in Bodybuilding
Why setting goals is crucial to making muscle gains in bodybuilding; learn about the SMART method of goal setting

So you think you're a hardgainer?
MuscleTalk Moderator Big Les reflects on the label 'hardgainer' in bodybuilding. Do you have the appropriate diet, training and rest to make gains?

Sport Bras
For the female trainers. How to make sure you're buying the most suitable sports bra for support during exercise

Sunbeds and Sunlamps
Great article on how to get a healthy bodybuilding suntan safely, with useful information about using sunbeds and sumlamps

The Story of a Wheelchair Bodybuilder
Champion Wheelchair Bodybuilder Darran Winfield-Stanesby tells his inspirational story of how weight training and determination has helped him

Training Through Depression and Other Conditions
The benefits of regular exercise and how weight training can help depression and other mental disorders.

What Is Metabolic Stress and Why Is It Important for Muscle Growth?
We explain what metabolic stress is and how it can effect muscle growth

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